Beijing Winter Olympics opening ceremony, hidden eggs!You know what?

2022-04-29 0 By

The 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games is the 24th Olympic Games, opening on April 4, is also the fourth day of the Chinese New Year, is also the first of the 24 solar terms, The Chinese team entered the stadium at 9:24!Full of details, Lao “Mou” deep calculation, Zhang Yimou, details performance incisively and vividly!❤ ️ thumb up!The winter Olympics opening ceremony program “Shining Snowflake”, hidden eggs.Does that make sense?Did you think it was a mistake?At that time, so did I. After watching Douyin, I realized that it was old mou who had calculated deeply!!The sister of the little pigeon, who noticed the straggler’s sister, brought her back from the crowd!All the children were looking in their direction!The lost child will eventually go home, not a single dove is missing. This is the romance of the Chinese people!The opening ceremony is very, very shocking, this is the real opening ceremony did not see friends suggested to have a look, really special great, Zhang Yimou director must be boutique, from the 2008 Olympic Games, to the 2022 Winter Olympics, all are god!!Old Mou is deep in calculation!Yyds China refueling Chinese athletes refueling looking forward to the Winter Olympics gold medal more!!