Baojing County Purong Town: actively respond to low temperature rain and snow freezing weather

2022-04-29 0 By

Massachusetts moment xiangxi February 7 – (correspondent Peng Yan Chen Zhangwei photography zhang hui) in hunan province started cold rain and snow freeze disaster emergency response level IV, baojing PuRong town quickly implement the provincial, state, county emergency command center dispatching work conference spirit, through strengthening department linkage and unattended on duty, strengthen emergency scheduling “three strengthening measures,”We will give priority to epidemic prevention, ice prevention and accident prevention to achieve the goals of ensuring safety, smooth traffic and stability.Carry out carpet publicity, enhance the cadres and the awareness of prevention.PuRong town party committee government quickly convey implement the conference spirit, strengthen the county-rural two-stage 24 hours on duty unattended system, by reason of xiangxi village supervision WeChat group, village and masses, group group, coverage, emergency horn, and other forms of propaganda, combined with “knock” in village cadres, village cadres, the grid member, emergency team door-to-door publicity, let people know monitoring and early warning information,Do a good job of self-protection, build a protective fortress.Check key regional groups and highlight the effectiveness of security guarantee.Purong Town Party Committee government due to the need to dispatch work, highlighting the elderly and the sick and disabled warm winter, fire and electricity safety, prevention of carbon monoxide poisoning and other key points;Rain and snow weather disaster spot patrol warning;On the occasion of the resumption of work and production, key safety issues such as safe road travel for migrant workers, epidemic prevention and control, and children setting off fireworks and firecrackers will be addressed. The campaign to revitalize rural areas and warm winter will be carried out to send furnaces, and civil affairs and emergency departments will send quilts and cotton clothes to ensure that people in need have a warm life.Combined with the “knock on the door action” town and village cadres together to go to the home to keep peace;PuRong township government, traffic police squadron members combined with “the road” to the important period of time, regulation of key sections and hidden perils in the road, traffic persuation, remind vehicles snow slippery, slow down, the risk of snow road, setting up security warning signs, spilling industrial salt, dispatched forklifts, drivers, and restore the traffic, s home snow night for everyone to keep open.Emergency supplies to villages and towns in advance to ensure the stability of emergency supplies.Purong town in line with the principle of “would rather not use, not ready”, prepared industrial salt, anti-skid chains, anti-skid nails, shovels, cotton clothing and blankets, excavators, forklifts and other materials for emergency rescue and disaster relief in response to low-temperature rain, snow and freezing disasters.The party committee and the government in charge of the command, the village in the ideological requirements to attach great importance to the strict implementation of responsibility, discipline inspection commission tracking supervision and implementation.