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Zhang Yimou’s first Spring Festival, “Sniper” how to achieve word-of-mouth counterattack?King wen | Happy Chinese New Year, directed by zhang yimou and zhang together at the end of the “sniper” became a fan favorite movie, the film douban now score 7.7, leading the Spring Festival other films.Looking back on film history, this is zhang Yimou’s first film to enter the Spring Festival.The film is also the first film directed by Zhang Yimou and zhang Mo’s father and daughter. These elements give Sniper a unique artistic style.”Changjin Lake” mainly shows the battle of resisting American aggression and aiding Korea with large scenes and grand narrative panorama, while the narrative style of “Sniper” fully reflects the wit and bravery of volunteers.It can be said that this film with the background of the “cold artillery movement” of the Korean War, together with the watergate Bridge of Jangjin Lake, which is also released as the New Year’s day, pushes the war narrative film of resisting the United States and aiding Korea to a new climax.The narrative structure of Sniper is compact and the content is exciting. The tension of the story is almost rolling forward with the contradictions of the film itself. In terms of narration, there are almost no obvious flaws in the whole process.This time, “Sniper” with a small broad, can in the Spring Festival film budding, also gratifying.From the audience’s word of mouth, we may also see a possible future of Chinese films.Performance in the past the Korean classics, “as” is focused on the hill ground combat “trenches”, and “the hero children”, the prototype of wang cheng fought bravely in the battle is not clear film designed to carry forward the “fire off to reveal the spirit of revolutionary heroism, express between two families, two generations and moving revolution of emotion.”Arteries,” about the battle to defend supply lines, and “thirty-Eight Degrees North,” a panoramic narrative, were not released for some reason.In recent films, the battles in “My War” are vague and empty, and in “Kumgang” there are battles and archetypes, but the narrative revolves around small cuts in the battle for the bridge.Looking back at Domestic war films, from The Armageddon series to the Founding of a Republic, Changjin Lake and Watergate Bridge, these films all use multi-line narration and grand scenes to express those moments that determine history.In fact, from the perspective of the development trend of world war films, the grand panoramic narratives represented by The Longest Day, The Bridge Far Away and the Battle of Moscow have long been replaced by the micro narratives represented by Saving Private Ryan, The Pianist, Dunkirk, The Minefield and 1917.”Sniper” perspective is indeed very “small”, the film almost tells all the story in one scene, the whole film around the attack and defense of two Sniper teams in China and the United States, shooting the enemy and me both sides of the battle of wits, battle of courage process.This makes the film very consistent with the typical “three unities” creation law.Nicolas Boileau, a French poet and literary theorist, reiterated in his book The Art of Poetry that dramas should abide by the strict rule of “three rules” and characters should be stereotyped and typified.”Sniper” follows the classical narrative perfectly, and can be seen as a recent assault on the narrative structure of film and Hollywood, such a narrative approach to generate a strong sense of excitement and satisfaction.”Sniper” around Liu Wenwu, Dayong, Liangliang and other people outline a group of ordinary young soldiers hero portrait.In a way, it’s also a coming-of-age story for a group of young warriors.In particular, five class soldiers took over the class of the monitor Liu Wenwu, from a crying warrior into a tenacious “domineer” sniper, which is considered by Zhang At the end of a kind of inheritance.Besides the film, Zhang Mo feels that he has gradually grown from an assistant editor to an assistant director and a live producer, and now he is working with Zhang Yimou on “Sniper”, which is “a daughter who completes her father’s inheritance behind the story”.As the “acting father” role of the squad leader Liu Wenwu, five class soldiers from home, and teach them combat skills — fire, after striking.In Liu Wenwu heroic sacrifice, the only surviving Liu Dayong with his iron will and the enemy battle of wits and courage, the final victory, the success of the intelligence back to the company.”Sniper” conveys the inheritance between two generations of heroes, which is similar to the spiritual inheritance of “son” and “father”. In fact, it also symbolizes the great spirit of resisting America and helping Korea from generation to generation.In fact, this spirit of inheritance can express the feelings of generations of young people across time and space.Young people are always full of blood and passion, and the young volunteers at that time on the battlefield with their feelings for the country, which is well interpreted in “Sniper”.The director restores the passion and dream of the young generation to their connection with life and emotion.Thus, some emotional resonance between volunteers and contemporary youth is constructed. This spiritual core still has strong vitality at present.At the end of the film, Chen Dayong and the company congregate, the soldiers once again shout out five classes of sacrifice of the soldiers, the first aid kit was shot wang Zhongyi, carrying a heavy iron plate fell down again and stood up fat, play puppet play lead to the enemy’s green baby, suicide scout Liangliang…At this moment, the audience’s emotions also reached a climax.Perhaps, just like these nameless martyrs in the film, no one remembers their names or the battles they fought.But their spirit will always inspire future generations, the volunteers won the almost impossible victory of the war, in a sense, “Sniper” is not only the expression of a war victory, but also the interpretation of a generation of glory and dream, youth and growth.In fact, no matter how great the war, are completed by a living soldier.Great wars, great armies, must ultimately be carried out on individual people.Like the eight even five class of these ordinary soldiers, they completed the final victory of the United States with flesh and blood to aid Korea, we have to remember the names of these ordinary people, because they finally cast the iron wall of the Chinese nation, the soldiers who are sleeping in foreign lands, is always the most lovely people of that era.The Olympic winter games, missing | have what good-looking of?Pakistani would-be doctor: there’s always a Shanghai aunt help me introduce a girlfriend, good | Spring Festival most movies, the watergate bridge called xinmin weekly all platform release, without formal authorization shall distribute, publish, adaptation, or other activities associated with xinmin weekly copyright, offenders will investigate!