Winter to baby bath “time” to be optimistic, avoid 3 time points, wash comfortable not cold

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Every winter, parents get headaches when they bathe their children.After all, the winter temperature is low, a little attention, it is easy to let the baby catch a cold, but if a few days to take a bath for the baby, and will make the baby feel uncomfortable.What about taking a bath in winter?Every day is a 9 months old baby, the thing that likes to do most at ordinary times is to take a bath.Summer time often in the bathtub, a sitting is half an hour, if it were not for her mother to pull up, every day also do not know how long can play inside.But the winter mother will deprive every day of this happiness, every three or five will give him a bath.When taking a bath two days ago, I do not know whether the water temperature is not enough or the heating is insufficient. I even sneezed every day, and then my nose has been flowing, making my mother worried.When giving the baby a bath in the winter, the three time points to avoid 1, the baby is hungry should not take a bath when the baby is in an empty stomach, the energy in the body will be exhausted, blood circulation will be relatively reduced, if the bubble in hot water at this time, the baby’s brain blood will be insufficient, resulting in syncope.2, the baby is not suitable to take a bath after eating a meal. If the baby is in a hurry to take a bath, it is easy to cause indigestion, and even vomiting when it is serious.So after eating the best interval of 10~15 minutes to take a bath again, to prevent the baby discomfort.3, when the skin is damaged, it is not appropriate to bathe the baby’s wound if it comes into contact with water, it is likely to cause infection and inflammation.If the wound is small, apply a band-aid to keep water out of the shower and to prevent hand rubbing.Take a bath in winter, the three steps need to master 1, bath water temperature of the baby of different months, bath water temperature should also be different.For the baby in the month, the water temperature of the bath can not be too high, generally controlled at about 38 degrees is the most appropriate.After the month, the water temperature can be adjusted appropriately, about 37 degrees.The indoor temperature can also be appropriately lowered, as long as it is not less than 24 degrees.As babies get older, they can talk themselves into whether the water temperature is right or not.At this time, parents only need to adjust the water temperature according to the baby’s feeling, and it is generally around 38 degrees.2, the frequency of bathing in the winter air is relatively dry, for the baby in the month can take a bath every day, because their oil secretion is more vigorous, but after the month, a bath twice a day or twice a week is ok, so that they can avoid dermatitis.But if the baby is older, the frequency of bathing can be appropriately reduced.If their activity is not large, then once a week is good, at most not more than three times, otherwise it is bad for the baby’s skin.3, bath length of the baby in the month bath time should not be too long, generally in 3~5 minutes is appropriate.After the month, the baby bath time can be increased, but do not exceed 8 minutes.For older babies, if they like to bathe, limit it to 10 to 15 minutes.If you wait longer than that, the baby will feel uncomfortable and may even faint.What aspects need to pay attention to when the baby takes a bath?1, pay attention to the baby’s private parts and wrinkles although the baby is still very young, but parents should pay attention to the baby’s private parts when they take a bath, as far as possible with gentle action to clean them, so that the baby will be healthier.In addition, babies are white fat, arms, hips and legs will have some wrinkles.Parents take a bath to carefully clean the fold part, so as not to hide dirt inside.2, wipe clean, apply moisturizer after the baby shower, parents must use cotton towel, wipe the baby’s water clean, do not let the water remains on the baby’s body, especially need to pay attention to the wrinkle is not water.After that, parents can let the baby lie flat on the bed and apply skin cream on their body. It needs to be noted that the action must be gentle and the baby’s skin care products should be selected, so as to ensure that the baby’s delicate skin is not harmed.In short, when taking a bath in winter, parents must be more focused and careful, and avoid the baby catching cold and getting sick under the premise of making the baby comfortable.