The turning point of this round of epidemic has appeared in Hangzhou, and the community has been cleared!(With epidemic notification)

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At 3 PM yesterday, hangzhou held the 47th press conference on COVID-19 prevention and control to update the situation of the epidemic.MAO Genhong, deputy secretary general of Hangzhou Municipal Government and Ying Xumin, deputy director of Hangzhou Municipal Health Commission introduced relevant information.From 00:00 to 24:00 on February 2, a total of 1 new confirmed local case was reported in Hangzhou, in Fuyang District.1 new local confirmed case was reported from 0:00 to 1400 hours on 3 February, in Binjiang District.Both cases were detected at centralized isolation points.Since January 26, 113 local confirmed cases have been reported in Hangzhou, including 50 in Binjiang district, 44 in Fuyang District, 14 in Xiaoshan District, 2 in Shangcheng District, 2 in Gongshu District, and 1 in Xihu District.At present, the epidemic prevention and control situation in Hangzhou mainly presents the following characteristics.In terms of the number of cases, the inflection point has already occurred. The number of reported cases in the past two days is in single digits, including 1 case on February 2 and 1 case so far on March 3.In terms of the channels of case discovery, all 54 cases in the past five days were detected through screening at centralized isolation sites.The chain of transmission is relatively clear from the path of infection.In terms of risk points, there have been almost no new cases in high-risk places and groups.To sum up, this round of epidemic communities have been cleared, and the epidemic prevention and control work has shifted from community zero to quarantine point zero.Strengthening the management of centralized isolation points Entering the zeroing stage of isolation points, while continuing to do a good job on the surface, including the standardized management of “three zones” and nucleic acid screening, the focus of work should be carried out around the standardized management of isolation points.According to the national and provincial requirements, the focus is on three aspects: 01 Further strengthening the organization and leadership of quarantine point Management Hangzhou has established a comprehensive command system of quarantine point led by the main leaders, requiring the main leaders of the district, county (city) government to take the lead in the management of the local quarantine hotel.Each isolated hotel has set up a special team led by a district, county (city) management cadre, with the participation of health, public security, urban management, environmental protection and other departments, responsible for the site management, personnel management, garbage removal and other work.02 Further strengthen the business norms of isolation points and implement the management norms of centralized isolation points.Isolation is swelling due to the current outbreak, more than 100 isolated point for a new, these isolated hotel and management personnel, lack of isolated points of management experience, need to be training, strengthen the business practices, standard set for the organization and leadership, places, isolation objects, and the management of the staff, and kill all aspects such as trash pickup environments,Further clarify standards and implement requirements.To further improve the digital level of quarantine point management, develop a code scanning system for quarantine points, assign codes to quarantine places and transfer vehicles, and strictly scan codes for newly quarantined people to take a bus and check in, so as to realize non-stagnation and non-contact registration.When quarantined personnel are released from isolation, they can be registered and verified by scanning codes, forming a digital management loop for the entire process from transfer, check-in, in-custody to release.In general, it is necessary to further implement the requirements of the provincial Party Committee and the provincial government on strengthening the management of centralized isolation sites, implement standardized management measures of isolation sites, adhere to problem-oriented, timely discover and solve problems, and “control people and take good care of doors” to prevent cross-infection in isolation sites.As for the unsealing of the “three zones” and material support, it can be seen from the current situation that the control measures of the containment zone, control zone and prevention zone will continue for some time.For places where risks have been obviously eliminated, the scope of the “three zones” will be adjusted and reduced under the condition that the risks are under control, and then the next step of unsealing will be carried out in accordance with the requirements of the regulations. This work is in progress.As for the livelihood security of the “three districts”, at the municipal and district levels, including Fuyang District, the reserves of grain, oil, meat, eggs and vegetables are sufficient. The local governments within the “three districts” are also doing their best to ensure the provision of daily necessities to better meet the needs of residents. There is no need to worry.Special permits for transport vehicles and emergency support whitelist systems have also been implemented in traffic control areas.By the evening of February 2, more than 1,500 passes and 8,000 whitelists had been issued.At present, fuyang District fresh food protection enterprises can guarantee 320,000 fresh packages every day, for 320,000 household consumption, fully able to meet the control area, prevention and control area of food demand.Ningbo Municipal Health Commission notified that no new COVID-19 cases were confirmed in Ningbo from 0 to 24 on February 3, 2022.As of 24:00 on February 3, 2022, a total of 278 confirmed cases had been reported in The city, including 9 imported cases.Source: Zhejiang release, Health Ningbo news edition editor: Yu Bing