The Lantern Festival | I close, star bridge cable lock open

2022-04-28 0 By

Joy make yuanxiao – LANTERN FESTIVAL qingyu case yuan Evening Xin Qiji dongfeng night flowers thousands of trees.More blow down, stars like rain.BMW carved car fragrance full road.The sound of the flute moves, the jade pot turns, and the fish and dragon dance all night.Gold thread of moth and willow.The laughter is fragrant.looking for him for thousand times in the crowdSuddenly look back, that person is in, lights dim.As China’s traditional festival Lantern Festival represents a reunion is the ancient people’s emotions and good opportunity for the Chinese own “valentine’s day of the festival, various folk also offers men and women meet interesting interaction to admire the lanterns, guess riddles, put kongmin light, etc. This rich in content, historic, jollification, good shopping good holiday program not only has the auspicious meaning of life andOn the occasion of the Lantern Festival, taohuayuan family wishes everyone happiness, peace and prosperity. A better way of life is at the END of the Taohuayuan family