The American girl in The “West Street Watch” conveys the goodwill of the Beijing Winter Olympics to the world

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The American girl who loves crying broke the defense again the day before she left China.The last breakfast in the village, the last fitting, bags that don’t want to pack and people who don’t want to leave…Unlike the excitement of the past, the entire video stream reveals a slight depression.Finally, she broke down and said “Love you”.Messages on social media ranged from “Welcome to visit again” to “come for dinner whenever you are free” and “Welcome to China again.”The girl in the video is Tessa Moder, an American snowboarder.A video of Tessa Moder being moved to tears by a volunteer saying “Welcome to China” at the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics has gone viral.Under the video, Chinese netizens flooded the screen with “Welcome to China”.Over the course of more than a week, Tessa Moder has become an Internet sensation, bringing the world to experience the Beijing Winter Olympics.From “Welcome to China” to “Welcome to China again”, she was warmly welcomed by Chinese fans.Reciprocate goodwill with goodwill and reciprocate sincerity with sincerity. This two-way exchange is a witness of friendship regardless of nationality, and also a true reflection of the Olympic spirit: one side is grateful and records the real China with the camera, while the other side is hospitable and writes “Frozen Adventure” with goodwill.Friendship knows no borders.Over the past few years, the situation has changed dramatically. We have experienced flaring trade frictions and isolation amid the pandemic.Political differences and discord inevitably spill over into the Olympic arena.The world seems to have been sleepy for so long that it has forgotten how to smile.In the face of crisis, the world needs unity and cooperation more than ever, hence the update of the Olympic motto: Swifter, Higher, Stronger — more united.The world is united, the world is a family, and people music, beauty and common.The gentleness and strength of the Chinese people coincide with the Olympic spirit.That is why the Beijing Winter Olympic Games can deliver the heartfelt message of “Together for the future”. Just as UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said, at present, the world needs a successful Winter Olympic Games to send a clear message to the world that people of any country, ethnic group and religion can transcend differences and achieve unity and cooperation.Now half of the competition, the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, showing the style of a great power, is carrying the responsibility of uniting forces for the world with the hospitality of “friends coming from afar” and the enthusiasm of “cast a peach for me, in return for qiongyao”.It is the amazing “ice-breaking” of the five rings, the moment when countless small snowflakes converge into big snowflakes, the wonderful moments when athletes challenge their limits again and again, the cheers for every effort regardless of nationality, and the two-way rush towards each other.As Gu Said, sports must be used to unite us, not divide us.With so many wonderful things, the Beijing Winter Olympics is no mere sporting event: it is a window for the world to see China, and it is what the Olympics are all about — uniting people around the world to break the ice and break the barriers.Welcome to China. Together for a Shared Future!Beijing Business Daily commentator Yang Yuehan