TVB’s outsourced props are infected with COVID-19, and people in TV City are on edge. Lai Yiu-cheung is returning to Hong Kong to join the team

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Hong Kong TVB, can be said to be the model of the TV industry, whether in front of the stage or behind the scenes, the staff are very hard, the New Year, the crew also work as usual.However, recently, Hong Kong media reported that the cast of the Hidden Door outsourcing staff diagnosed with COVID-19, TV city at a time of panic.The employee was in charge of props on the set, went out a lot and handled most of the props.So although the actor did not have close contact with the prop division, but it is very likely through “props” and her indirect contact.The epidemic situation in Hong Kong is quite severe during the Spring Festival, and the actors of TVB have also improved their awareness of self-protection. They wear masks when shooting street scenes and during off-shooting hours.However, when shooting, there is really no way, it is impossible to wear a mask on the camera, at that time, there is no protection.It’s only natural that actors and actresses are nervous about the infection.TVB ordered all staff to undergo nucleic acid tests and suspended filming on location.The epidemic has had a great impact on The TV industry in Hong Kong. If the virus interferes with the operation of TV City, it would be devastating to describe it.To this end, TVB senior management is also very serious, held an emergency meeting, in addition to arrange for all staff to do nucleic acid testing, but also suspend some unnecessary location shooting.This may delay the production schedule, but it is also a helpless move, safety is the first.We are very familiar with Lai Yiu-cheung is concerned about Lai Yiu-cheung recently returned to Hong Kong to shoot a drama, it is said that he has just joined the group.Everyone is very familiar with Lai Yiu-cheung, and he has settled down in the mainland, before returning to Hong Kong, in the mainland to make money while shooting dramas, but also with his wife, happy and carefree.I didn’t expect that when I just returned to Hong Kong and joined the team, I encountered an infection incident among the staff. It was really a bit upsetting.But Lai yiu-cheung with a normal mind, said he will do a good job of protection measures.In contrast to Lai Yiu-hsiang, Wang Had to “leave” just in time when Lai yiu-hsiang returned to Hong Kong for filming, and Wang happened to take several actors to the north for communication, so Wang and other actors escaped a near-miss.Wang Zulan with several actors on the north in addition to communication, it is said that there will be cooperation, TVB is a surprise soldier.However, the street later broke the news, Wang Zulan this trip, in fact, is “run away”, because of the TVB a high-level opinion.In other words, for TVB, Wang Zulan felt that Chia-hsin Chung was the most worthy of the award, so it is said that he lobbied TVB executives everywhere, but was rejected.For this matter he was a little annoyed, just have now exchange group said.Do not know TVB is not worried, Wang Zulan took them out, may not be able to come back.Anyway, wang zulan’s delegation escaped trouble by accident. He also did the honors of the host in Shanghai and invited several other Hong Kong actors to eat authentic Shanghai cuisine.But when it comes to fear, the cast of The Hidden Door must be the most scared.”The Hidden Door” cast members are most afraid of the staff is the props, so in a way, every actor and her indirect contact, to say not afraid, it would be false.And after the mutation of the virus incubation period is long, many negative to positive cases too much.Hong Kong media also interviewed the actors involved.Chen Zhanpeng, the leading actor, took a nucleic acid test at the first time.In fact, Chen Zhanpeng is very protective on weekdays, his daughter at home is still young, and as an actor he has to work outside, so every day will be tested, just in case.Encounter such a thing, Chen Zhanpeng also said that the heart does have fear, but also actively deal with.In addition to the lineup of this play, also saw the name of Tang Luowen, and Tang Luowen’s gossip boyfriend is Ma Guoming, so we naturally ran to interview Ma Guoming.Ma Guoming is playing the official voice, said that I believe in the company’s arrangements for the company’s decision-making arrangements are also fully obey and support.”Hidden door” is the TELEplay of subject matter of an insurance investigation, have lu Zhenshun, Wu Dai-rong and so on old play bone joins in to say to this “hidden door” play crew, cast or quite good.The leading actor is Chen Zhanpeng, Ma as huang Zhiwen, in addition to Tang Luowen, Liu Peiyue, Wu Dairong, Lu Zhenshun and so on to join.The 25-episode series is currently nearing the end of a three-month shooting cycle that began in mid-November.This drama is about insurance and criminal investigation, hidden door is a metaphor, metaphor for everything there is a door that can not be seen, maybe things are very complicated, but find the door, can let the problem solved.This is another feature film about insurance investigations, which have become a hit with Hong Kong TV dramas recently.The most attractive theme of Hong Kong drama is the gangster film, but after so many years of shooting, all kinds of gangster films have been shot almost, it is difficult to let the audience find fresh feeling.But TVB’s creative team is still very clever, soon found a novel theme “insurance investigation”.The advantage of this kind of story is that while the criminal investigation part of the story remains fascinating, the insurance is actually closer to the life of Hong Kong people.For example, a TV series “Insurance Investigation of Guardian Spirit” starring Miao Qiaowei and Huang Zongtaek is a typical representative of this theme.”Cheat insurance” behind the people, is the main drama of this kind of theme.And “hidden door” the story beginning, also be just a suspected legerdemain to protect a case, the wife has secret, after being discovered by the husband, the husband dies accidentally, and before death, increased aptly to protect the forehead again.But all this is speculation, and the truth has yet to be peeled away.Although many people say that Hong Kong drama is dead, compared with Hong Kong movies, there seems to be a little hope for Hong Kong DRAMA, after all, there are some subjects they are really good at.For instance insurance survey this kind of subject matter, mainland big probability is patted not so professional, for the common people of mainland, commercial insurance is still a little strange.Conclusion For this TVB staff infected with COVID-19, I hope they unite as one to overcome difficulties.Many viewers are still waiting for TVB’s signature Hong Kong drama, hope everyone is safe.As an aside, do you like TVB’s Hong Kong dramas?Feel free to join us in the comments section.