Masks are better for sunscreen or sunscreen

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Is it better to use masks to prevent sunscreen or sunscreen?Masks and sunscreen can have very good results, but simply use a respirator is prevented bask in, in take off during the period, the skin is no protection, and simply use a sunscreen, during needs filling besmear, or bask in the effect also will decline, so the masks and sunscreen can not judge which is better, but if you want to achieve better results,You are advised to use it together.1. First of all, choose a thin and light respirable mask, increase the permeability of the skin, and wear it will not be so stuffy.2. Apply moisturizer and put a tissue behind the ear before wearing the mask, which can effectively relieve the pressure on the skin and ears.3. Secondly, when there is less ventilation, masks can be taken off to let the skin rest, and this can also reduce the breeding of bacteria.Tips Masks may be uncomfortable as long as they are worn for a long time. Therefore, in summer, you should try to avoid going to places where people gather and reduce the number of times you wear masks.Mask allergy went up on the face a lot of small pimple how to do proposal go to a doctor in time.Wearing a mask may be caused by skin intolerance to some materials and ingredients in the mask, so it is necessary to remove the mask first and avoid future use.Then go to the nearest hospital in time for diagnosis and treatment, because these small pimple if not timely treatment, it is likely to be more serious, and also easy to leave pigmentation, causing an impact on the appearance, so the earlier the effect of treatment recovery is better.