Investigate 3 illegal sales point

2022-04-28 0 By

On January 23, haikou city public security bureau jointly QiongShan QiongShan bureau area emergency management agency, haikou city comprehensive administrative law enforcement bureau QiongShan branch, in the town of slopes, hotel, three slope town, yunlong town, etc “double festival fireworks production safety joint law enforcement inspection, found three illegal outlets, and for the illegal outlets sell fireworks to be withholding.”This year, the city has issued regulations, demarcated fireworks no-burn no-set area.You are not allowed to sell or set off fireworks in no-burning and no-burning areas…”During the inspection, the law enforcement officers publicized the relevant provisions of Haikou Municipal government, such as the Notice on fireworks And Firecrackers Discharge Control during the 2022 Spring Festival Lantern Festival.Next, Qiongshan District will continue to do a good job of fireworks safety control during the “Double Festival”, crack down on illegal business activities, effectively ensure public safety and people’s personal and property safety, effectively prevent and control air and noise pollution, so that the general public have a safe and civilized Spring Festival.(Correspondent Li Sijin, reporter Zhong Qi)