Xiamen Jimei actively carries out comprehensive anti-smuggling management

2022-04-27 0 By

Report from our newspaper (Zeng Zhen huang Chen Min reporter Chen Jiahua from Xiamen) Smuggled frozen goods without quarantine, once into the domestic market, it is difficult to trace the containment, to bring risks to the prevention and control of the epidemic.In order to protect the life, health and safety of the masses, Xiamen Jimei District Market Supervision Administration carried out a special action to combat and regulate frozen goods smuggling according to the unified work deployment and requirements of the municipal and district Anti-illicit Office, and resolutely contained the momentum of frozen goods smuggling.”Hello, please show the” Entry Cargo inspection and Quarantine certificate “of these commodities.”In a clampdown, execute the law personnel with imported cold chain daily supervision on food safety, mainly see if import frozen food business operator inspection and keep the customs declaration forms of import cargo, entry-exit inspection and quarantine certificates and Chinese label for the record to prove material, such as storage class freezer operators whether to establish a food safety management system,Whether the imported frozen food operators have implemented the purchase inspection, certificate and ticket system and other aspects, and issued the Notice to the operators of imported cold chain food Operators, vigorously publicized the crackdown on the rectification of frozen goods smuggling related laws and regulations, required the operation subjects to regularly carry out self-inspection and self-correction, and timely eliminate security risks.Found in the inspection against the operator when selling imported cold-chain food not to perform incoming inspection record system and not timely platform in xiamen city food safety information network in the market will upload information, etc., law enforcement personnel according to the “measures for the management of food safety traceability information of fujian province” and other relevant provisions, shall be ordered to the parties concerned to correct and given a warning.It is understood that since 2021, the Jimei District Market Supervision administration has continuously strengthened the supervision and inspection of market operators under its jurisdiction to crack down on smuggling.In addition to the crackdown on frozen goods smuggling, the bureau also combined with the relevant deployment of higher authorities to severely crack down on the smuggling of endangered species such as ivory and their products, cigarette monopoly products, lobster and other key commodities. Up to now, 524 law enforcement personnel have been dispatched to inspect 258 households of various business entities.Market regulatory authorities remind: imported food operators to the dealer for import goods declaration form of the People’s Republic of China customs, entry-exit inspection and quarantine certificate and Chinese label record certificate and other materials;Consumers should check whether there are Chinese labels when buying imported food. If there are no Chinese labels, they can call the complaint hotline 12315 to report to the market supervision department.