To be broken to pieces by the Japanese, to have their fingers broken off by the Americans, to be looked down upon by the Westerners?

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You know what?The Terra Cotta Warriors known as priceless treasure in our country, was destroyed in the hands of the westerners, majestic, lifelike terracotta warriors is a very important historical relics in our Chinese eyes, the Terra Cotta Warriors in 1974 in shanxi has attracted the eyes of the world, as it comes to it is known as one of the eight wonders of the world, so why are precious cultural relics was destroyed by the westerners?Why did China send its terracotta warriors to foreign countries?On the evening of December 21, 2017, a young man in the United States sneaked into the exhibition hall of the Terracotta Warriors at the Franklin Museum of Science in Philadelphia. He called several friends,I turned on the flashlight and stood on the terracotta warriors display stand. First, I took a photo with my arm on the shoulder of the terracotta warriors, and then I broke off a finger of the terracotta warriors and took it home quietly.Such bad behaviour by surveillance cameras recorded clearly, but it was not until three months after the staff found the Terra Cotta Warriors were damaged, what is more surprising, after a year of investigation, in a recent case trial, how this man was the jury found not guilty, seven jury believes that belong to the night drunk made a careless mistake,Also said the jury, the Terra Cotta Warriors is archaeological objects, but there is no clear market transaction price and standard, so also can’t appraisal and compensation of damage, it is difficult to give Michael, Michael eventually be freed on bail, American rhetoric can be said to be naked chicanery and shirk responsibility, the man of malicious damage to the behavior of the Terra Cotta Warriors can be said to be the person was able,He should be responsible for the damage and theft of cultural relics.Although the Terra Cotta Warriors with no clear price, but the repair is can determine the price of the Terra Cotta Warriors, it is understood that the broken finger the Terra Cotta Warriors is one of the few fully recover the Terra Cotta Warriors, one of the support value $4.5 million, or about 30.21 million yuan, while the repair work is very difficult, according to the museum of qin shihuang mausoleum of hadrian restoration laboratory staff,Fully restored to millions, and repair a terracotta warriors, the fastest three months, usually also want one or two years to complete the repair, the United States has no reasonable explanation is given and the corresponding compensation, for the United States this worthless behavior is really let a person, in addition to outside the United States, however, the Japanese have done damage to the Terra Cotta Warriors, the Japanese and dry what?What would you do if someone broke something you loved?What if it happens between two countries?Japan had the remarkable art treasures in our country the Terra Cotta Warriors dropped pieces, no doubt, Japanese is deliberately, on November 24, 1983, the 400th anniversary of the city of Osaka, Japan set up already, they want to celebrate this important day, importunity borrow some from Chinese terracotta warriors exhibition, because China has been in line with the friendly foreign psychology,They agreed to Japan’s request, and After careful consideration, China lent Japan a terra cotta army officials. When China unearthed more than a dozen relatively complete terra cotta army officials, they generously lent Japan a terra cotta army officials. Unexpectedly, Japan did not protect such an important cultural relic.Exhibition on the first day, attracted more than 100 ten thousand people to watch, on the seventh day of exhibition, a Japanese man to hurry to rush into the exhibition hall, a gallery to break the glass cover down the terracotta warriors in China, it is 1.92 meters high and weighs 300 kilograms of the collectors and so were pushed to the ground by the Japanese, was smashed, though Japanese promptly arrested the man,Also apologized to China, but still unable to quell the anger of our heart, Japanese experts also wants to fix the terracotta warriors, but lack of alternative power beyond repair, finally can only put the pieces back to China, and finally the Chinese also choose to forgive Japan, China’s response to let the world see our country style, but can no longer repair damaged terracotta warriors to the intact appearance.At the same time, many friends are curious about what the terracotta warriors are made of.Why is it so fragile?Most of the Terra Cotta Warriors is made, using the method of mold fire early with ceramic mold to make a first, then covered a layer of fine mud processed add characterization, some first followed by burning, some first meet again to burn, burn out the terracotta warriors and uniform temperature, colour and lustre is pure, high hardness, but the higher hardness and then buried underground for thousands of years will become fragile, terracotta warriors like pottery makes no difference now,Therefore, many people think that such a precious cultural relic as the terracotta Warriors should not be easily lent to other countries. It is very difficult to preserve the terracotta warriors so far. So are the terracotta warriors preserved for thousands of years?Have you ever seen the terracotta Warriors?Healthy and energetic grand terracotta warriors is a great treasure of the Chinese nation, for the Terra Cotta Warriors, our country has always attached great importance, since the Terra Cotta Warriors were found, our country is very carefully to protect the ancient art of cultural relics, afraid to have a spark of breakage, so the Terra Cotta Warriors has not been found before, what is in the ground to save one thousand immortal?First reason, we can see the Terra Cotta Warriors in building location is relatively low, in a low space, some prostrate on the ground do archery stance has just over a metre Terra Cotta Warriors, stand for most of the terracotta warriors are close to two meters, the number of the Terra Cotta Warriors stand more, so even if the collapse of the mausoleum,Tall the Terra Cotta Warriors can also have these huge Numbers of top, bottom of the Terra Cotta Warriors can get very good protection, and there are a lot of the Terra Cotta Warriors is kneeling on the ground of archery, could see the kneeling posture is a triangular structure, everyone knows the triangle is very stable, so the Terra Cotta Warriors is not easy to fall and be destroyed.The second reason is that the scientists in the Terra Cotta Warriors pit weapons also detected a very specific element, the element is the inscription, Ming can’t look down upon this element, in the modern society, is to prevent corruption by Ming technology, chromium can shorten the object’s original corrosion speed, so we must have the Terra Cotta Warriors is because inscription elements not rot,However, this reason is only a scientific speculation, so far there is no exact scientific explanation.When Emperor Qin Shihuang was building his mausoleum, he never thought that the terracotta warriors would bring such great significance to the later generations. The preservation of these terracotta warriors is a huge historical treasure for modern society.What do you have to say about that?What are your unique insights?Welcome to leave a message and discuss with you!