Simple car maintenance projects, do not ask for help

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Most car owners in China will choose 4S shops for daily maintenance of their cars.Of course, there are also many jokes about 4S shop maintenance, such as shortening the maintenance cycle, high price of accessories, expensive hours, promoting various optional cleaning projects, and even accidentally offended 4S workers, your car may be “bad whole”.The United States has a “garage culture”, mainly because manual is very expensive, so many people will do their own car maintenance and simple repair.Since most people in China do not have garages, and the car is still a valuable item for many people, many people do not dare to mess with it for fear of damage.To this end, xiaobian sorted out some simple maintenance projects suitable for Chinese car owners to do, not only save money and do not worry about the car being messed with by the unscrupulous 4S shop, but also a little fun.1, add glass water maintenance cycle: glass water is quickly used up to add.Operating points: glass water can be bought concentrated dilution, also can buy dilution good, simpler method is to use clear water to add a few drops of detergent.But special attention is needed: in winter if the temperature will be lower than 0℃, must use anti-freeze glass water, in case the kettle freezes and cracks.The filling port of the glass kettle needs to open the engine cover, which is determined according to the instruction manual. Generally, there is a water spraying mark on the cover.2. Add engine coolant maintenance cycle: add when the liquid level in the engine coolant overflow kettle is lower than the lower limit MIN.Operation Point: It is generally required to add the same kind of coolant, but there is now a “universal” coolant on the market, the ingredients are more basic and simple, can be mixed.The price of a gallon barrel is around 60 yuan.Coolant replacement cycle is generally 2-3 years, there may be a normal consumption during the period, if the liquid level is low, you can add by yourself.If the liquid level decreases quickly after addition, it is necessary to repair the repair shop.3, replace the air filter maintenance cycle: generally 10,000 kilometers.Operating points: The air filter element is located in the engine compartment, and the air filter box needs to be opened.The cover is usually fixed by buckles or screws, and can be removed with a common cross screwdriver.Take out the old filter, wipe the dust inside the box, put on the new filter, screw the lid.Air filter recommended to buy brand products (Bosch, Leopard King, Mahler, Man brand, west, etc.), try not to buy the so-called “original” products.4, replace the air conditioning filter maintenance cycle: generally 10,000 kilometers, if the air pollution is serious, it is necessary to shorten the replacement cycle.Operating points: Most of the air conditioning filter elements are located behind the co-pilot’s glove box, and a few models are located in the engine compartment near the co-pilot’s position.First need to remove the glove box, find the air conditioning filter box, open the lid you can see the air conditioning filter.It should be noted that the air conditioner filter element is directional, and it can be installed in the direction of the air flow marked by the arrow.Air conditioning filters are also recommended to buy brand products.5, replace the maintenance cycle of the wiper: scraping is not clean or abnormal sound should be changed.Operating points: Most models are U-shaped interface, a few models are dovetail interface.Before buying the wiper, you should confirm the type of interface and size.Refer to the installation diagram of the wiper package, it can be easily disassembled and assembled.The price of wiper blade varies from a few yuan to hundreds of yuan, and I personally recommend about 30 yuan a brand product, which can be used for about half a year.6, air conditioning system cleaning and disinfection maintenance cycle: generally once a year, can be in the summer before the use of air conditioning.Operation points: first of all, you need to buy a bottle of air conditioning cleaning agent, generally 20 yuan.Next remove the air conditioning filter, and the filter box cover is covered.Turn on the blower (no need to turn on A/C refrigeration) to the maximum air volume, switch to the external circulation, from the external circulation inlet (generally located outside the passenger windshield) to inhale the cleaning agent foam into the air duct.About 2 minutes a bottle of cleaning agent out of the foam will all be inhaled into the air duct, and then maintain the maximum air volume of 10-15 minutes, and then back to the air conditioning filter, cleaning is completed.Technical difficulty: ★★★☆