Panjin Dashang City Square school district is delimited

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According to the owner of the project, when I bought a house, it was said that the experimental primary school and a middle school district, but now the school district has been arbitrarily drawn away and far away from the previous school location, so I asked the relevant departments for help and asked to put the school district back.Panjin Municipal Party Committee inspection Office replies: It is understood that since August 2016, the municipal experimental primary school, Hexiang Primary School, the municipal No. 1 Middle School and the schools under the jurisdiction of Xinglongtai District, and the Basic Education Management Center of Liaohe Oilfield have been uniformly assigned to the management of Xinglongtai District government.Because of the original city school district and xinglong area bureau of education and liaohe oilfield based education management center, part of the school districts have overlapping phenomenon, as a unified, standardized management, xinglong area bureau of education (liao oil center) in 2017 issued the xinglong area about 2017 years of compulsory education an exemption entrance system on a trial basis to the nearest school district system of the implementation of the plan of recruit students.In line with the principle of nearby enrollment, some areas such as dashang City Square have been assigned to Xinglongtai District No. 1 Primary School.Dashang city square is less than 400 meters away from xinglongtai District No. 1 Primary school.According to the provisions of the municipal Bureau of Education, the primary schools are paired up, such as: Hexiang primary school, experimental primary school counterpart Panjin first complete middle school, xinglong Tai district first primary school, Xinglong Tai district third primary school, new century primary school counterpart Xinglong middle school.Due to the requirement of living for more than three years in the original school district plan of the city, many parents bought houses in the school district in advance. Considering this historical reason, for the original experimental primary school,It is now divided into some school districts outside the region (Dashang City Square, Shuiyou City Zhenyuan, Xishuiwan, Xinglong Community, Jinhua Homeland, Renhe Homeland Gardener New Village, Hongdun Homeland, etc., have delineated experimental primary schools and Hexiang Primary school districts according to the streets).December 31, 2017 buyers (to be the category before December 31, 2017 shall prevail) given a certain transition period, that is, from 2019 to 2021 for the three-year transition period, in the transition period can also sign up for experimental primary schools, after the transition period, these communities, some assigned to xinglongtai District first primary school district scope,Some are divided into four small xinglong.It has been five years since The implementation of the School district Enrollment Plan of Xinglongtai District on the Nearby Enrollment System of Compulsory Education Without examination in 2017, which has been basically stable. In order to maintain social stability, the school district division plan is not easy to change in a short time.The netizen mentioned in the message that dashang City Square belongs to the school district of Experimental Middle School, which is not true. Experimental Middle School used to belong to the basic education management center of Liaohe Oilfield, with only shengli Primary School, Xingfu Primary School and Yingbin Primary school of Liaohe Oilfield.And press “[2017] no. 6, the department of education and teaching verifier about print and distribute the balanced development of the county area compulsory education quality supervision measures for the assessment of the notification” in the second chapter article 7 (4) for experimental middle school has now belongs to the senior colonel schools, belong to the xinglong area bureau of education reform to eliminate the key task, the amount of senior colonel will bypass part of the students in the group of the school,No new counterpart schools or school districts can be added.