Notice on nucleic acid testing in Luoding Urban Area

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In accordance with the COVID-19 prevention and control arrangements of Luoding City, nucleic acid testing will be carried out in Luocheng, Fucheng, Shuangdong and Sulong streets from 9:00 am to 17:30 PM on February 5.Detection objects include local permanent resident population, temporary resident population and temporary floating population, excluding centralized isolation, home isolation, home health monitoring and hospitalized persons, etc.Those who receive COVID-19 vaccine within 24 hours will not participate in the nucleic acid test.Please use your mobile phone to scan “Yuyunucleic Acid 6” and “Sunflower code” in advance, input your identity information, and generate the QR code of personal sampling information (the previous application is still valid, see Attachment 1 for specific operations).Follow the arrangement of the village (community), go to the nucleic acid test sampling site (see Annex 2) in batches, and complete the sampling work according to the staff’s guidance.During the sampling period, please take the initiative to show the “Yue Kang code”, wear a mask, and keep an interval of more than 1 meter with others. Do not talk or gather together.Nucleic acid testing, should be checked, not a single leakage, not a single person.Not participating in nucleic acid testing will bring you a lot of inconvenience in your work and life.Those who refuse to cooperate without justifiable reasons, hinder epidemic prevention and control or cause other serious consequences shall bear corresponding legal liabilities according to law.For the health and safety of you and the general public, please actively cooperate to ensure the efficient completion of the testing work.The weather in our city is cold recently, please pay attention to keep warm.Thank you for your support and cooperation!Attachment:Table of Novel Coronavirus Nucleic Acid Test Sampling sites in Luoding City 3.2 Schedule of NUCLEIC acid test on 5th February, office of COVID-19 Prevention and Control Command, Luoding City, 4 February 2022 Annex 1 Guidelines for the Use of Guangdong Nucleic acid mini-program I. Operating flow at the entrance of Guangdong Nucleic acid Mini-programScan the sunflower code of “Yunucleic Acid” mini program under “Yunucleic Acid” on wechat or search for “Yunucleic Acid 6” mini program on wechat ii. Two-dimensional code flow chart of sample information (I) Operation Procedure 1.Choose wechat “Scan”.2. Select Client Login.3. Select Mass nucleic acid Screening.4. Test application.5. Fill in the information and select Save.6. Save the screenshot of the QR code.1. You can input the qr code at home in advance, and save the screenshot after generating the QR code. When you arrive at the sampling point, you can directly provide the QR code to the medical staff to read the information, reducing the waiting time.2. Can help family members (elderly, children and other members) fill in the information to generate two-dimensional code and save screenshots, the number is not limited (repeat the fourth step in the operation process).3. Please bring your valid ID for verification when going to the site for inspection.Annex 2 Setting table of Novel Coronavirus Nucleic acid test sampling sites in Luoding City Area Luocheng Street, Attached City Street shuangdong Street, Sulong Street Annex 3 Yunfu Fusion Media Center Source: Published by Luoding And Rong Media Center of Luoding City Editor: Lu Zhitong Duty Director: Zhao Junyan Duty Chief Editor: Lu Liwen Contributed email: