Facing the forbidden zone of humanity, a beautiful girl marries a rich young master and discovers her husband’s secret on his wedding night

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In front of women for the nabobism life, abandoned the former sweetheart, see her husband’s shape after his guts’re gonna, then waited for her nightmare, a woman named her silver, is famous in the town of sesame oil xi shi, because their parents died early, brother and sister-in-law has lived in a block, ferial li of the elder brother sister-in-law sesame oil shop assist, because looks beautiful and graceful body appearance,Will be many men thinking, there are often in the name of the man by buying oil to harass her, and her face hobo are aggressive and always be touched hands raised the candle burned directly, men willing to let go, elder brother sister-in-law in order to eat less mouth in the home, the more cash gift, silver her secretly set out to find a rich man, but she already had a loved one, that is the liu shahe across the street,Although he is gentle, talk gently, liu wooden, but also to her beautiful silver heart of love, not timid immediately let the house’s hand, this is a good marriage, but changes have taken place in the evening, at night, matchmaker to act as matchmaker in the home, the object is rich as croesus yao home second young master, the man to be blown up, matchmaker said a mouth always can put the bad spirit,Readily said the second young master disposition gentle and kind, handsome in appearance, is a bit eye diseases, but somehow the home of the big, the eye is not very convenient also not out of the way, the matchmaker’s silver her hear loud voice to make room, her heart some shake, trance between the desire for the material life, then my sister-in-law to persuade, marriage is a lifetime thing, xiao liu is good,But he was born in a poor family, home have a brother and sister to raise, later can only spend the bitter days together with him, her inner struggle, feelings for liu failed to win a reality, the selected date, silver her married soon in the past, recalls that day, the elder brother sister-in-law happily festivities, neighbors also have to come to, the traditional firecrackers exploded, silver after her car is a face of sad,Second young master of the car is not to come out of, but be servants from the sedan chair back down, no one dreamed of eye groom all crooked mouth oblique, pale appearance, must be people carrying to the car, instant silence around, brother and sister-in-law also feel embarrassed, the groom and matchmaker mouth speak to simply, and the matchmaker had pass away out of sight,But recalls ceremony will continue, silver laughed at her watch around eyes, brimming with the injustice of heart, after the ceremony, excuses body uncomfortable went back upstairs to rest, in the room, sister-in-law comfort in her, even though thousand regret, now what is done cannot be undone, can only be wronged accept reality, silver her opened the window, see xiao liu is outside the former lover,Heart very regret the decision, afraid run into xiao liu’s eyes, quickly hide back, heart up resentment, hatred matchmaker, blame elder brother sister-in-law, more hatred, so her with the feelings of bitterness yao back to home, the husband was the second home, brother, have a younger brother, is a strong young man, marry a wife also is a large house, miss noancient,Yao’s family, others seem to have been very envy a silver spoon in his mouth, but as a matter of fact in this large family and a hard time, the more rich more exquisite and junior, was born to the rich silver her, be in the home, by the people even the close-fitting maid, also was sidelined in the office, also intrigue between sisters-in-law, silver her quietly and early to rise makes a man downstairs to the lady at a time,And being laughed at is country people used to get up early, big housewife and three wealthy family in the early, three people partnership to laugh at sarcasm she, her silver by humble birth, all dare not refuted, an is when, rich life has always been a dull, especially women more like a canary in a cage, the day goo process three people sit together, almond, tooling several people laughing,Sneered secretly HuaLiYouHua, silver and her husband, was a sicko paralysis in bed all day long, silver her nor soft persimmon, immediately mocked sister-in-law three young master don’t go home all day long, while speaking, three young master and came home, hardly go straight at them a few people walked to come over, three young master good looks, humor can coax a girl happy, he sits down, xi xi ha haFor eldest sister-in-law hands through shoes, silver her together before also up to speak, in front of his wife and her silver flirting, huotang legally lady anger left hand went live, three young master looked at did not dread, but also more and more unbridled, snatch her hands of the bank’s armor, must she didn’t chew also sing a song, silver her blush cheeks flushed already, finally sister-in-law back,Interrupted a cosy atmosphere between two people, the woman comes at a good time, her husband is a mouth slanting eyes inclined, hemiplegia, the disabled, women couldn’t husband died early, even in the nose, an affair with another man, back to the room, her silver looked at her husband more and more disgust, said she and her husband household words, but didn’t get any response,Only know simply on the head of a bed smoking pipes, compared with three young master of humor, silver her aversion to gradually to the dead husband, her husband never get out of bed, every day in addition to smoking pipes is playing with his beads, while speaking, husband anxiously looking for beads, silver’s eyes her bullying husband, minced his stone beads, also cheat, he said, is in walnut,But no matter how hate heart, every night still take off your sleep with her husband, her belly is very big, fortunately silver wedding before long, for the home and gave birth to the only boy, not only the wealthy family and the three wealthy family in-person visit, even mother-in-law is changed once upon a time, the indifference reward for her many gold and silver jewelry, silver also commands the humans to serve yourself,She’s more of a mother than a son.According to the customs after the child is born, the elder brother sister-in-law also need a copy of the full moon gift money, but poor people don’t get any decent full moon gift, so the silver her come up with their own jewelry, let elder brother sister-in-law is down, a little must come to redeem, because at the time of a silver spoon in his mouth, take jewelry when drop is a very shameful thing, if not had is not out of the interview,To discuss a few people’s voice, outside the girl listened to a loud and clear, silver after her to see the heart resentment, was looked down on yourself, because the poor brother sister-in-law, after a period of time, the old lady to give blessing the only grandson, with the crowd to the temple to burn incense worshipping Buddha, the room, the old lady to reciprocate with a few people in the home playing mahjong, silver her there is no interest,Holding his son to go out breathable, three young master hit head-on in the corridor, three young master personable, with the western glasses slowly coming towards him, her heart a stir on the silver, because of the two people’s identity, silver her late did not dare to cross out that step, three young master to seduce her silver did not resist, two people in private is abnormal ambiguity, three young master didn’t say a few words will silver hand to her playingThen put the child in the ground, even two people came before the Buddha, silver her best years but marry a disabled, inner anguish encountered a charming young master seduce, naturally rise to the bait, three young master, this is a really wild with silver coaxed her to say, the actual silver for her is just a fling, critical moment the man heard a burst of footsteps,Frighten he hastened to loosen the hand, silver her said he was not afraid, but he still with sorry, in the name of the second brother left in a hurry, looked at the man callous figure, silver her secretly tears, in the evening, children are infected with the cold, her husband chided silver and serve children menial, angry angry with her, picked up the side of the cup, the silver her hit, fortunately, a silver her quick hid in the past,Although men second young master is a disability, but silver her for three young master affair he is know, but also helpless, vent to the silver her body can only take it every day, every day can only stand her husband’s temper, settling late at night, silver her tossing and turning, looked at the side of her husband snoring of thunder, she got up and quietly looked at the sleeping son, heart like returned to utility room,Hang white silk to commit suicide by hanging suicide, eventually her silver or some, did not die, before long, the husband died because of short of breath policy, then the old woman is ill died, two people who died within three years, at home, feel the house is not clean, so the old woman died, how elders door took counsel with the separation, ladies all avoid,But her silver exceptions, her whole body white, in the face of the elders do not fear, elders bully her silver widows and orphans without backer, points to her only a worthless property, silver her questioning their elders, but they don’t listen, no matter how silver her crying, they still left a face of indifference, gentleman and three young master also turned a blind eye, followed left, after the separation,Yuxi silver and son moved into the house, with the passage of time, she and her family of people also thoroughly broken, the painful memories also gradually blurred, until one winter, inferior to quote three yes visit, she and three yes has not seen for many years, are calm heart or a ripple on, she made up her face will be good to go downstairs, brieflyConversation between the atmosphere is like the ambiguity, silver her in the face of the attacks by three yes take turns, sink again among them, the critical moment, suddenly there was a knock at the door, she hurriedly sorting clothing to open the door, from a few people were in front of a few men three yes debt collection to be found, the original three yes is not to find his own feelings about the but took her money,Moment to see the ugly man, after fan a slap them all out, at this moment in the history of the most vicious mother-in-law, daughter-in-law abuse not only, even when the daughter-in-law, ill, to his son to marry concubines, even when his wife died, she is only a cold and take care of things, and since then, two people will not meet again, then the days of her silver to other rich wife, tea is not going to the theatre,Is smoking pipes, a no opinion that listen to friends, yuxi and three yes son all day long in a piece of the original three yes because the last time that bear grudges in mind, deliberately teach bad yuxi gambling, drinking and even taught him borrow usury, silver her until after no matter how to beat and scold, no any change, silver her heart of resentment, hatred had swallowed matchmaker nonsense, married to a disability,Pain discover late in life, the more resentment three young master of ruthless, longer and longer, silver her heart became distorted, smoking pipes at home all day long, she focused, in order to let the son not to go out fooling around, going to accepting heart son married, even church son smoking pipes, under mother’s demonstration, yuxi infatuated with smoking pipes, before long, on the recommendation of a matchmaker,Beaming in the home to marry the bride, wedding day, the bride and groom were all sent to bridal chamber, gladly when they hold their breath, watching the bride LIDS lifted, assuming the see the bride, the sound of the present to an abrupt end, the scene like silver her when recalls, the bride looks plain, and the matchmaker mouth said not the same,Than even ugly in the picture is too much, silver breath left shoulder, her heart felt and was cheated by matchmaker, and the next day, so don’t give new wife XiuZhi good complexion, XiuZhi silver each time I see her, like a mouse saw the cat, looking at her mother-in-law gloomy face scared witless, son for a wife also are not satisfied, cause after getting married, and no convergence,Or as before go out all day long the racket, silver her on the head of all the responsibility blame to XiuZhi, not only that, her son to find two people of the bank’s bedroom, in front of the XiuZhi tell good sisters, secretly laugh at XiuZhi, dislike of daughter-in-law XiuZhi growing, her works as a servant, put in the heart of discontent to vent all the heads XiuZhi, time is more and more long,XiuZhi concerns into a disease suffered from consumption, silver her not love dearly, with consumption of XiuZhi directly to turn to the maid’s room, due to the husband and wife two people no longer knew, she turn round and then chooses the family is locked, in order to get home earlier lick the grandson, let the girl DongMei married son, on the day of the wedding DongMei smiling, poor XiuZhi lying pale next lived in the house,To smile to new pass and joyful, mouth has been coughing a lot, after the ceremony, silver her left a sullen, DongMei soon get married, she gave birth to the first son, this also let XiuZhi the situation even more sad, in the home not only to endure her mother-in-law’s shame, even starved, one day, three people was eating, an inferior to send XiuZhi some rice in the past,Was her silver block not let to send, and announced that housewife only DongMei a later, the words sound just fell and see XiuZhi wearing fancy clothes, painted with delicate makeup look, delirious clamoring for go to the theatre, a silver her quickly let the humans will XiuZhi back to the room, the night XiuZhi died, the people see XiuZhi die of heart panic,Silver her to see a face of cold, funeral home to make good notice for a few years, DongMei for home and children, added to the outside world is a mess, everywhere filled with smoke, life is becoming more and more difficult in the home, the son of yuxi to things no matter don’t ask, just know smoking pipes, much like disabled father, former silver her brother sister-in-law came by to borrow money again,When it comes to the town in large and small shops all closed, sigh with emotion at the same time suddenly remind of yesterday in shahe xiao liu, is that she had lover, just can’t go back anymore, the film reveals the feudal system of human nature, the girl’s feelings but reality, marry into the heart of resentment, spray poison to people around them, silver her from the green girl,Become a twisted mother and abusive mother-in-law, life may encounter all kinds of misfortune, do not be resentful and malicious to others, we should hold a positive attitude to live,