Brazier barbecue: taste engraved in the DNA of Xichang people

2022-04-27 0 By

Xichang people are used to barbecue as the starting point of the night, there is nothing that can not be solved by barbecue, this is the “jianghu theory” of Xichang barbecue industry, and brazier barbecue is the “shoulder master” of Xichang barbecue industry.Roast tuo tuo meat is xichang brazen barbecue a must, in the high temperature of charcoal under the roasting, the meat skin scorched incense, meat quality and incense and play.Kuang Yehua, a native of Xichang, went to college in Shanghai. Every time she returned to Xichang during the holidays, she would invite her best friends and classmates to have a barbecue with her.For her, it’s not just the smell of home, it’s the feeling of togetherness. “It’s like a bunch of people sitting around a brazier, laughing and talking, with the fire on their faces. It’s like high school all over again.”Kuang Yehua said.”Xichang barbecue is a memory engraved in the DNA of every Xichang people. For those of us who have studied outside, only when we taste Xichang barbecue will we feel at home.”Kuang Yehua’s friend Yuan Yuan told reporters.Nowadays, firepot barbecue passed down from generation to generation is not only a unique eating habit, but also a folk culture, representing xichang people’s enthusiasm, unrestrained temperament and forthright and straightforward personality.Source: Sichuan Observatory