0131 Marks the end of the old year on The eve of the New Year

2022-04-27 0 By

The sound of firecrackers ringing out the old year and ushering in the new smokeFamily lights in laughter greeted the New Year’s eve to celebrate the arrival of the New Year with the arrival of the royal family emotional in this festive day for everyone by a GongXiaoMei, king big brother brin and barbarian several royal star starring the Clash of the New Year New Year animation short film “together happy New Year” click viewing ☟ ☟ ☟ fireworks, rice fragrant everyone togetherWhen the barbarians broke into the Goblins’ house, what bad things did one goblins do secretly?What kind of mahjong is Goblin playing in the video?(A) Sichuan mahjong (B) Changsha mahjong (C) Guangdong mahjong (D) Fujian mahjong 1 minute 03 seconds later, after bombsmen drop bombs into A fire pit, fireworks explode in scene C of which Chinese world cultural heritage related elements appear?Who served the hot pot at the Clash Village New Year’s Eve dinner?At the end of the film, why does Pickup superman chase bow sister?How ~ challengers above mentioned these egg questions do you know the answer?Let me know in the comments below.Little sister here to wish everyone ~ auspicious New Year, everything is happy!Tiger roar, tiger roar!If you have any ideas or feedback, please pay attention to our official wechat subscription number (Crsupercell) and leave a message to us in the comment area below.