Sweet pet text: blow blow “first love he is so sweet and sweet”, plot high sweet sprinkle sugar, 9.8 minutes super sexy!

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Recently, many fans do not know what to read good reaction, unknowingly fell into the situation of book shortage, as an old fan xiaobian this also feel empathy.Today xiaobian continues to introduce good novels to book fans, let book fans watch addictions do not sleep in minutes!If you look good, remember to collect, not afraid of book shortage again!# novel Recommend # Today xiaolian to recommend to everyone: Sweet pet article: Blow blow “First Love He is so sweet”, plot high sweet spread sugar, 9.8 minutes super sexy!The first: “occupy jiang Xi” author: fish not language introduction: deep city all spread her ‘recruit Qin mu Chu again’, she yuan, in fact, there is a Wolf after the tiger.Deep city also said that she ‘tear the east to repair the west’, she was wronged, in fact, good people are deceived.Into the pit guide: the key only qin accounted for a person crazy enough, the owner of the Ferrari is more frenzical, switched the reverse step on the throttle with Qin Accounted for hard just, instant two car engine like beasts roaring each other, tires on the ground friction out of a sharp piercing sound.Min Jiang Xi sat in the car, the car alarm has been ringing, every time is accurate in her thought strong nerve, finally, she can’t bear it, side head to Qin Zhan way: “Mr. Qin, you calm down, your son is still waiting for you at home!”Qin Zhan face is still that pair of light appearance, so it is more people fear, Min Jiang Xi began to believe that Cheng Shuang is not alarmist, with this kind of people to deal with, not look at the face of the problem, but life safety have problems.”Sit tight.”When her thoughts were confused, Qin Zhan suddenly opened his mouth. Min Jiangxi paused, then quickly found the handle on the top of her head and pulled it.Qin Zhan completely released the throttle, the car was immediately pressed back, he temporarily turned the steering wheel, Min Jiang Xi only felt his right arm to the door, the whole car instantly from the suppression of the deflection, he said nothing again stepped on the throttle, a few seconds will throw down the sports car more than 100 meters.(click below free reading) the second: “first love he and sweet” author: absurd words and his introduction: sweet pet text: blow explosion “first love he and sweet”, plot high sweet sprinkle sugar, 9.8 minutes super sultry!The overbearing school grass carrying a broom stick ready to fight, was just turned to transfer students a look scared honestly go back to class…Yang Xin stood on the platform and said: “Today it seems that people are quite together ah, I suspect you are not what bad purpose, actually all sitting in the classroom, not noisy are quiet.”Boys:…They would have left if their boss hadn’t stayed.Until the end of the evening self-study class, Jiangye did not see Gu Lin in the corridor, he realized that he was cheated, such as school bell a ring he angrily carried his luggage to the school gate.Outside the school gate, there are many parents waiting for their children to leave school.Gu Lin stood in the most conspicuous position, waiting for the children to leave school.He caught sight of Edo, waved at him and said, “This way…”Jiangye ignored him, detour, Gu Lin frowned and thought: how the child’s anger so big?Could someone at school have upset him?He ran up to help him carry his luggage and said, “Is someone bullying you, sonny?I’ll avenge you.”Introduction: Everyone thought that xia Shuang could not live without Luo Hanyang, who once sat high on the altar, once fell into the earth, let people trampled on, only he held her in his arms, regarded as a treasure.Into the pit guide: Summer frost shout, but see Sue heart slowly to retreat, turn around, run farther…”Xia Shuang, is me, Wang Hao, I come to save you!”Outside the shouts spread, Summer frost came back to god, is to accept the psychological treatment of the friends, but also tried to pursue her.”How did you know I was here?”Summer Frost ran to the door.”Weren’t you the one who called to tell me you were imprisoned here and needed my help?”Summer frost is very confused, she didn’t know where the villa was last night, didn’t have time to ask for help.Who pretended to be her?Fear swallowed up the reason, summer frost’s brain and heart like a stuffed yarn, chaos can not be sorted out.She was afraid of their parents have not gone home out of danger, afraid of their escape, will be Luo Hanyang again caught back.”Go away quickly,” said Xia Frost with a shiver.Wang hao thought he had heard wrong, and asked again to be sure that Xia Shuang wanted him to leave.(Click below to read for free) Sweet pet text: Blow the first Love He is so sweet, plot high sweet and sugar, 9.8 points super sexy!That’s all for today’s recommendation. What would you like to say to the editor?Comment in the comments section below the end of this article, xiaobian can see oh, look forward to your comments.Beat “peak goodbye”, Ye Xue another sweet pure love strong top list, 9.9 points blowing explosion!High quality good article: Eat full “peak goodbye”, plot and sweet, 9.9 minutes corner overtaking!Yan pressure “I like you have”, east rush west gu another good work with 9.8 points high sweet sprinkling sugar!