He served as secretary of the provincial Party Committee, became deputy minister at 46, and became governor of Shandong province at 51. He died at 83

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Since modern times, the halo of heavenly kingdom, which had been enveloped in the ruling class of China for thousands of years, was suddenly shattered. Relying on the rapid development of science and technology in the industrial Revolution, the imperialist colonialists used strong ships and guns to blow open the door of the closed Qing Dynasty, and also broke the long-term stable rule.After that, China began a long search for self-help. Western powers, of course, hoped to carve up China and turn it into a colony and dumping ground, but China’s revolutionary predecessors, risking their own lives, finally found a way to self-reliance and self-improvement.Our protagonist bai Rubing is such a revolutionary soldier.He was born in the early 20th century, a time when China maintained the false dignity of its ruling class, tried to learn from Western technology and tweaked its own system, but all failed.It was a time of great anxiety in China, when everyone wanted to find a way to save China.But white as ice is unquestionably lucky.When he was old enough, all kinds of new ideas were already sweeping the country through newspapers and magazines, and he was exposed to Marxism at an early age.Heroes don’t ask where they came from, just as great men don’t ask how old they are.Bai Rubing, only 13 years old, was deeply moved by such revolutionary ideas after contacting Marxism.Bai rubing was part of a nationwide student movement in which progressive students took to the streets to speak out for new ideas or against government injustice.Due to his outstanding ability, he was soon noticed by the organization and began his revolutionary career.He was able to engage in revolutionary work when he was only a teenager, and his ideological progress and ability are certainly needless to say.However, at the beginning, he did not officially become a member of our Party, mainly because in the early days of his revolutionary work, there were not many members of our Party organizations, and many of them had no channels to contact party organizations and join the Communist Party.But he soon became an organizer and leader in the student movement, and two years later he was officially admitted to the Youth league of our Party, and a year after that he became a full member.Soon after he officially joined the party, he became the village secretary. Perhaps because of his excellent work ability or his high ideological consciousness, in short, everyone forgot that he was only in his teens.Because of his serious work, the organization and mobilization ability is very strong, soon, in the post has excellent results, since then, all the way up, only 24 years old to serve as a vice minister.This is definitely a young talent.During the Anti-Japanese War, he was also active in the front line of work, successively served as the district party secretary and shanxi Northwest Standing Committee position.Bai Rubing was one of the members who joined our Party at a very early age and went through many difficult days with our party, including the War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression and the War of liberation.After the founding of the People’s Republic of China, his contributions were certainly not forgotten by the Party and the organization. At that time, it was also a time when there was a shortage of talents. Bai Rubing, who had excellent working ability, was entrusted with an important task by the state and sent to Shandong Province as the secretary of the Provincial Party Committee.During his reign in Shandong Province, he always kept in mind to serve the people, guided the construction of Shandong province down-to-earth, actively responded to the call of the central government to the local government, never self-willed, but willing to absorb the opinions of others.Therefore, he made great achievements in Shandong province, and was later promoted to governor of Shandong Province, and held a part-time job as political commissar of Jinan Military Region.He ruled Shandong for a very long time, so it can be said that he laid the foundation for the construction and development of Shandong.Bai Rubing had devoted his whole life to the country and the people. He had already had revolutionary enthusiasm at a young age and actively devoted himself to the revolutionary cause. Later, he fought with our Party from south to north, never considering personal interests.Later, when he was in charge of Shandong, he served the people faithfully.It is because of such outstanding revolutionary predecessors that we are now happy and peaceful.