“Grass-eating beast” comes to village

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This article was transferred from;Xinhua News Agency Nanning February 2 (reporter Qin Xingxing)”On the eve of the Spring Festival, we have a ‘new thing’ that the villagers are talking about: a ‘grass-eating beast’ in the village.”In guangxi Day and other county small mountain village shengma village, party general branch secretary Zhao Yuhua pointed to a set of roaring machinery and equipment said, it swallowed into the grass, spit out is the hope of income, the New Year to increase the confidence of more.Many villagers use tricycles to transport their sugarcane tail leaves for sale.Guangxi is known as the “Sugar jar of China”, and its sugar output has ranked first in the country for many years.Sugarcane is the agricultural pillar industry of xiaoshan township, with an area of more than 8600 mu and an annual output of 32,000 tons of sugarcane.In order to further broaden the income channels for sugarcane farmers, xiaoshan Township Party Committee and government actively promote sugarcane tail leaf processing projects.Win ma village economic cooperation association invested 300 thousand yuan to buy chaffa grass machine, material machine, press, special machine, the village’s economic expert also invested in the purchase of loaders and site hardening.In the eyes of the villagers, the hay guillotine is a “grass eater”.Because of its arrival, sugarcane tail leaf from no one into “xiangbobo”.Qin Jinchuan, a villager who was chopping sugarcane in the field, said that after harvesting sugarcane in the past, many tail leaves had to rot in the field or be burned.”Now sugarcane and tail leaves can be converted into income, with about 100 yuan more per mu of land.”Now the fields are almost devoid of tail-leaves, clean and clean.Xiaoshan township Party committee organization member Nong Dingxiang introduction, “affected by the concept and other factors, in the past to do farmers straw burning work is not easy, tail leaf a burning of air pollution and other problems.Now, in the roar of ‘grass-eating beasts’, sugarcane tail leaves are processed into green storage feed, and then given to nearby farms, realizing the waste into treasure.”The villagers tied up the collected tail leaves of sugarcane.Xinhua News Agency reporter Qin Xingxing per mu produced 1 ton of sugarcane tail leaf to calculate, the township has about 6000 tons of sugarcane tail leaf can be used for processing.Huang Jianhua, head of the processing center, said local sugarcane planting tradition, so the supply is guaranteed.”Many people in the north are in the middle of winter, but now we are busy.This busyness is full and joyful.”Huang jianhua said that at present, the purchase price of fresh sugarcane tail leaf is 130 yuan per ton.The processing point has not shut down since the start of the work, every day there are people transport tail leaf to sell, a sugarcane “eat dry squeeze”, almost every family benefit.”Who wants money to rot in the fields, do you?”Mr Huang said with a smile that more than 100 tonnes of qingzhou feed had been sold due to demand from cattle farms.”Sugarcane tail leaf processing may seem like a small step, but it can achieve a win-win situation for all.”Lu Yifeng, party secretary of Xiaoshan Township, said that while extending the sugarcane industry chain and increasing the income of sugarcane farmers, it will help further consolidate the development foundation of the cattle industry with local characteristics.Local cattle farms more, every winter, breeding farms often want to find nearby feed worries.It is preliminarily estimated that the processing site can provide 5,000 tons of green storage fodder every year, thus helping the development of cattle breeding industry.”Grass-eating beasts” make a sugarcane “sweet from beginning to end” and also help generate income for the collective village-level economy. At present, the processing point in Shengma village is working well.”In the next step, we will make efforts on industrialization and scale, promote the construction of new rural industry development demonstration, and strongly promote the revitalization of rural industry.”Lu yifeng said.