Why did Shao Jingwen, chief editor of The World, publish an article in memory of Premier Zhou at a sensitive time?

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This image comes from the network by the actor mine better sound, XinBaiQing, song jia, YanTao, yongdai ding, taisheng Chen na, chun-li song, wang Yang joint in modern urban drama “in the present, hit in the plot has been updated, we will see the” golden land “magazine editor Shao Jingwen, has visited more than once week.Its purpose is to hope to publish Feng’s article.It is Feng’s memory of Premier Zhou’s article, zhou Bingkun was arrested and imprisoned.Estimate a lot of audience do not understand, a little political consciousness of Shao Jingwen is how to become the chief editor?# Human World Essay # This picture comes from the network audience why will question Shao Jingwen?Viewers familiar with China’s modern history must know that in those turbulent times, everything was political, but everything was afraid of being associated with politics.Because all problems are infinitely magnified when they are connected to politics.The reason why the audience questioned Shao jingwen was that as the chief editor of Golden Land magazine, he had no political consciousness at all.He published a poem in memory of Premier Zhou at a particularly sensitive time, which is clearly perverse.In the updated plot of the TV series “The World”, we will learn that Shao Jingwen sought out Zhou Bingkun because he wanted to write a poem in memory of Premier Zhou.But we must remember that at that time there was a political slogan called “Class struggle as the platform”.Obviously, Shao Jingwen did so, at that time is very inappropriate.As a result, the audience felt that Shao jingwen was not politically aware at all.Why do you say shao Jingwen’s behavior is inappropriate?As we all know, Premier Zhou passed away on January 8, 1976.Feng shaohua’s article commemorating Zhou was published in March of that year.I wonder if you still remember Lu Chuan’s letter from Beijing?In a letter, he described Beijing as “extremely gun-shy”.As the editor of Golden Land magazine, Shao jingwen should have been well aware of the political environment at the time.The poems he published were an easy target for someone to attack.Therefore, Shao jingwen’s behavior is inappropriate.At that time, television was not popular, and people only knew about the outside world through radio and newspapers.These two ways are also the mouthpiece of our party. As the chief editor, Shao Jingwen should have certain political consciousness.Just as Qiao chunyan said, as an office director, she often attends political studies.She knew, therefore, what to say and what to do at a particularly sensitive time.But why shao Jingwen did not have such political consciousness?This picture comes from the network why Shao Jingwen published Feng Huacheng’s article?Shao jingwen published Feng huacheng’s article because feng huacheng was influential in Chinese poetry and popular among young people.The reason why he published the poem in memory of Premier Zhou is out of the people’s love for Premier Zhou.Of course, there was also shao Jingwen’s dissatisfaction with the political situation at that time.Just as Lu chuan said in his letter, Beijing at that time could only be described as “so fretful that everything was so threateningly gun-shy.” People could distinguish good from evil, and knew right from wrong.For example, when Zhou Bingkun was arrested for Feng Huafa, the leading police officer did not ask for handcuffs.As far as the police on duty are concerned, there is nothing wrong with remembering Prime Minister Zhou.After Zhou bingkun was put into prison, the neighborhood’s care for Zheng Juan also showed people’s attitude towards the memory of Premier Zhou, and even regarded Zhou Bingkun as a hero.But in my opinion, Chow bingkun is not a hero, the real hero is actually Shao Jingwen.It is out of the conscience of an intellectual that he published an article in memory of Premier Zhou at a sensitive time.This picture comes from the network. I don’t know what you think of shao Jingwen’s character.Welcome to leave your comments.