Us has 100 nukes on China’s doorstep, Putin is on the move, Iran is working for America in the Middle East

2022-04-25 0 By

No matter how bad it is at home, things are happening in the United States.Recently, the US has simultaneously launched provocations against its “number one imaginary enemy”, putting maximum pressure on China, Russia and Iran. The US is good at creating chaos.On Russia’s border with Ukraine, the United States continues to trumpet NATO’s eastward expansion and arms shipments to Ukraine, threatening “an imminent Russian invasion” and threatening heavy costs if Russia invaded. The United States does a good job of managing this complex situation.At the same time, the United States did not forget to step up pressure on China, and in a different way than it did on Russia.The United States at the Russia-Ukraine border time to stir up trouble, and at the door of China is all the elite out.Recently, Chinese satellites found that three US aircraft carriers have been deployed in the Indo-Pacific region, as well as two groups of “quasi-aircraft carrier” amphibious vessels, which is quite unusual in size.Two of the carriers carry F-35C aircraft and one amphibious ship carries F-35B fighters.There has always been a crisis in the presence of American aircraft carriers.What is it that deserves so many aircraft carriers?It is predicted that the winter Olympics and Chinese New Year will be the time to prevent or provoke some unexpected incidents.What is more noteworthy is that the US also announced that an Ohio-class strategic nuclear submarine, uss Nevada, docked in Guam for the second time in more than 40 years since the 1980s.”It sends a message that we can park more than 100 nuclear warheads on your doorstep and you won’t know or do anything about it,” Thomas Shugart, a former SUBMARINE commander, was quoted as saying by CNN.Both aircraft carriers and nuclear submarines are important carriers of US military hegemony.The US is also sending a signal to China that it will not rule out the use of nuclear weapons, and reassuring its Allies with the “nuclear umbrella”.As well as containing China and Russia, the US has energy left to put pressure on Iran.The U.S. has repeatedly warned Iran that time is running out and that it will consider “other measures” if the talks fail.The United States always thought it had the situation under control, but in some ways it has exceeded its expectations.Russia has recently hinted repeatedly that it might deploy weapons, possibly nuclear, in Cuba and Venezuela.This is not just talk. Mr Putin has begun to act.A few days ago, there was also a special plane of the Russian Federal Security Service to Latin America. The United States speculated that it may be to discuss the deployment of weapons or the construction of military bases and other matters, so that the United States military reconnaissance plane to the nearby reconnaissance for many days, for fear of Russia in the “backyard mines”.What also needs to be noted is Iran. Since its new President Ahlehi took office, Iran has actively restored relations with The Gulf states and extended the “hand of brotherhood” to its neighbors.Iran and its arch-enemy Saudi Arabia are restoring their frayed relations and preparing to open embassies in each other’s country, Iran said.It follows a visit by senior Officials from the United Arab Emirates to Iran, which is leading a rapprochement between Shiite muslims and Sunni Muslims.After the US disengagement from the Middle East, everyone wants to create a secure and stable regional environment, especially when most countries in the region are facing economic transformation.Not long ago, Saudi Arabia, the UNITED Arab Emirates, Oman, Iran, Turkey and other countries were invited to visit China to discuss free trade area and trade cooperation. China is the key to their relations and economic development.Stability and development in the Middle East, as well as economic cooperation with China, will be a big impact on the hegemony of the dollar, Iran is seeking to kill the United States.In addition, there are also reports that China, Russia and Iran will hold joint exercises to strengthen military cooperation.America thinks it can run the show, but there are things it can’t think of.The United States will eventually pay for its arrogance if Russia, Russia and Iran stick together.(A)