The province received 2.974 million outpatients during the Spring Festival

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During the Spring Festival holiday, the cadres and workers in the health system of the province, based on their posts and responsibilities, never relax the control of COVID-19, do their best to ensure medical services, and effectively ensure the people to celebrate the Spring Festival.COVID-19 prevention and control was stable and effective.In response to the severe situation of epidemic prevention and control at home and abroad, the provincial health system has strictly implemented normal epidemic prevention and control measures and tightened the epidemic prevention and control network.During the Spring Festival, there were 3 imported cases, 1 asymptomatic infected person, no new death or suspected case, 4 confirmed cases cured and discharged from hospital, 2 asymptomatic infected people released from medical observation, 470 close contacts, and 13 asymptomatic infected people still under medical observation.The provincial Health Commission has set up a special team for epidemic prevention and control during the Spring Festival to strengthen emergency command, overall planning and dispatching, request instructions and report, and be on duty 24 hours a day.Seven provincial health emergency teams have been set up and are on standby 24 hours a day.We strengthened investigation and control, received 397 letters of assistance, and sent 399 letters of assistance, involving 2,218 people.We will make every effort to ensure the “Road for returning home during the Spring Festival”, promptly solve various epidemic prevention and control problems for those who have entered and returned to Shandong, and actively respond to people’s concerns.In response to the needs of nucleic acid testing for migrants on vacation, we optimized the overall planning and scheduling of nucleic acid testing resources, and set up reasonable sampling sites so that people could take nucleic acid testing at their nearest places. A total of 4,828,500 people were tested in the province.A system of supply and deployment of COVID-19 vaccines has been set up, and 2,491,600 doses of COVID-19 vaccines have been administered without a stop.By 17 o ‘clock on February 6, the province had received 227 million doses of vaccination, covering 93,114,900 people, and 91,172,900 people had completed the whole vaccination process. The vaccination rate of people aged 3 and above reached 94.74%, and the total vaccination rate reached 92.77%.We will make overall arrangements for medical services during holidays, effectively meet the needs of emergency treatment, special groups, common diseases and frequently-occurring diseases, and ensure strong and orderly medical services.Across the province combining with the characteristics of holiday medical needs, a solid routine medical services, strengthen, obstetrics, pediatrics, respiratory, heart, digestive department, neurologist and other key departments with medical care arrangements, all level 2 above hospitals to carry out the medical services, no holiday to guarantee medical service in order to carry out, arrange duty 1.213 million person-time,Among them, 1.082m were medical staff (123,000 were experts with senior professional titles), 2.974m were outpatients, up 17% year on year, 135,000 were discharged from hospital and 38,000 operations were completed.The fever clinic and emergency room were kept open 24 hours a day. The 120 emergency (command) center received 115,000 emergency calls, dispatched 39,600 ambulance vehicles, and received 299,000 emergency cases, an increase of 12% year-on-year. The fever clinic treated 74,000 fever patients.Source: Dazhong Daily