The number of enterprises ranked first in the district!Seven enterprises in Nanning have been selected into the national 2021 Annual Green Manufacturing list

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Nanning Cloud – Nanning Daily news (reporter Wei Jing correspondent Dai Xiaomin) recently, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology announced the national 2021 annual green manufacturing list, guangxi has a total of 22 enterprises into the green factory list, among which nanning has 7 enterprises selected, the number of enterprises in the list ranks the first in the whole region.Specific view, nanning Guangxi abundant forestry industry group Co., Ltd., China resources in Guangxi hongshui river cement Co., Ltd., Guangxi through cable group Co., Ltd., Guangxi swire Coca-Cola beverages Co., Ltd., Guangxi yili frozen food Co., Ltd., Guangxi playmates toys Technology Co., Ltd., Guangxi Bossco Environmental Protection Technology Co., ltd. and other 7 companies listed in green plants.The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology urged local industry and information technology authorities to strengthen the link between the list of green manufacturing and relevant industrial policies, and play a role of point-by-point demonstration to lead the green transformation of local manufacturing.At the same time, the supervision and management of the green manufacturing list will be further strengthened, the units on the green manufacturing list will be reviewed in due time, and the dynamic management mechanism of the list will be improved.It is understood that after years of deep cultivation, The green manufacturing system of Nanning has been gradually improved and expanded, and a number of high-quality green manufacturing enterprises and parks have come to the forefront.At present, there are 13 state-level green factories, 21 autonomous region-level green factories, 2 national and autonomous region-level green parks (Nanning Economic development Zone, Guangxi — ASEAN Economic Development Zone), and one institution has been awarded the national evaluation center of industrial energy conservation and green development, playing a demonstration and leading role.To accelerate the green manufacturing system construction, leading the industry green transformation, nanning city bureau of industry and according to the nanning to promote industrial revitalization of a number of policy deployment of green manufacturing system construction work, industrial enterprises are encouraged to use clean energy, promote industrial enterprises to implement cleaner production technical transformation, and arranged the municipal financial reward money, boosting industrial green high quality development.Editor: Li Huiting Responsible Editor: Luo Ning On duty Editor: Lu Chao (author: Wei Jing and Dai Xiaomin)