Shishi mobilization up and down!Add green and add color to the beautiful homeland

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March 12 is the Arbor Day, the establishment of the fundamental purpose is to protect the forest, trees, green, beautify their homes.Every year, Shishi will carry out large-scale afforestation activities, this year is no exception, the city has action, afforestation, protect the environment.Greening shishi, hand in hand to improve the quality of city March 11 in the morning, party secretary huang, vice secretary of municipal party committee and mayor of Bryant yu led straight cadres, stone garrison troops, cockle jiang town cadre, the city youth volunteers, etc., to the jinjiang perimeter section on both sides of the wetland park to carry out the compulsory tree planting activities, pulled open the prelude to the city this year compulsory afforestation activities,In order to take practical actions to call on the city’s people to actively plant trees and beautify the environment, further improve the livable quality of the city, do a good job in the “five in Shishi” article, speed up the construction of a modern business capital.9 o ‘clock in the morning, the sun is shining, Jinjiang outside wetland Park section is full of vitality.Huang Chunhui, Yu Zhiwei and other city leaders of the four sets of a car, then strides to the planting point, took the lead in a spade busy up.Digging, earthing, stepping, watering…We are skilled in action, with tacit understanding, busy and orderly work, lively and warm atmosphere, the scene of a scene in full swing.City leaders planting seedlings, while understanding the city afforestation and tree this year maintenance, etc., and told you must increase the intensity of afforestation, further innovation and rich national compulsory tree planting form, enhance the whole society “love planting green, green, green” consciousness, improve the urban and rural living environment, to speed up the construction of national garden city,To provide a good ecological environment for the economic and social development of our city.Talking, laughing, busy, imperceptibly, 200 silver date trees have been standing in the wind on both sides of the road green belt, become a beautiful scenery line.March 11 morning, Hubin street “two committee” team members, people’s Congress representatives, CPPCC members, the community backbone, jinzeng community elderly association representatives, veterans representatives together to the south ring road and zifang road intersection southeast open space to carry out voluntary tree planting activities.Activity site, everyone to a make, sweat to a flow, digging holes, seedlings, soil, watering……The process is proceeding methodically, presenting a scene of full swing.It is reported that the activity planted trees for the tree, the planting area of 2.8 acres.Hubin Street calls on more people to participate in the action of loving green and raising green, and jointly build and share the “breathing” urban space.Witty: the autumn maple tree to add “witty” on the morning of March 11, witty town group led the villages (communities) the trunk of the “two committees”, and the municipal people’s representatives and CPPCC members, commission for discipline inspection committee staff, fourth experimental elementary school and 4 experimental kindergarten teachers, practice of the new era of civilization, the volunteers to basaltic lintas village road, tree planting activities.At the tree planting site, we worked in groups of three and five to support the seedlings, cultivate soil and water. We soon planted nearly 100 autumn maple trees, which not only improved the greening of the road, but also contributed to the construction of beautiful villages and ecological homes.Xuanwu Road, which connects xihuan Road with No. 4 Experimental Primary School and No. 4 Experimental Kindergarten, was upgraded at the beginning of the fourth quarter of last year with the support of the two levels of the town and villagers.In order to improve the survival rate of tree species, landscaping was left until this spring.On the morning of March 11, a large group of people came to Kengdong Village, Baogai town. They were busy working under Baogai Mountain with spades and buckets in hand.Before Arbor Day comes, they are going to recreate a peach blossom forest.This is bao to cover the town party committee, government organizations to carry out afforestation action.On the same day, the municipal people’s treasure, cover on behalf of the group activities, CPPCC member activity group, the treasure town youth corps committee, closes working committee and its shishi city, shishi city, the new order of power supply company east primary school youth corps committee, pit, shishi city food industry association league branch and jurisdiction villages (communities), and other parties to organize hundreds of volunteers, who came to participate in tree planting activities.We cooperate with each other, some help saplings, some responsible for soil, some help watering, very lively.”Last year, we planted a peach blossom forest here. This year, we will plant more than 200 peach trees to turn the barren slope into a place for citizens to enjoy flowers.”Baogai town about the person in charge said.This year, in addition to planting peach trees, we also planted a lot of bougainvillea.On the morning of March 11, Hongshan town organized more than 200 people to plant trees beside lianhu Reservoir in Hucuo village, including cadres and workers at township and village levels, NPC deputies, CPPCC members, police stations (border defense stations) and hongshan New Era Civilization Practice Institute, Hongshan thermoelectric Company and Shishi Thermoelectric Company.In groups, we got tools, rolled up sleeves, picked up shovels, dug and planted seedlings, and soon planted 220 peach trees, which not only beautify the rural environment, but also optimize the ecological environment around Shishi “reserve Reservoir”.When the peach blossom is in full bloom, we meet again lianhu reservoir spring outing.On March 11, the tax bureau of Shishi city, the civilized unit of the national taxation system, and the Yuhu community of Shishi City, the civilized unit of the national taxation system, carried out a voluntary tree-planting activity around the shishi tax bureau building.During the activity, the Tax Bureau and yuhu community volunteers volunteered to plant trees on the green land around the tax Bureau building, and participated in the landscaping shishi tree planting activity with practical actions.After more than an hour of hard work, the volunteers planted phoenix trees, magnolia and other trees to add a touch of green to the stone lion.On the morning of March 11th, the city administration bureau held a tree-planting activity on the jinjiang Road.On the same day, under the leadership of the bureau, more than 50 staff and volunteers of the city administration participated in the tree-planting activities.They worked in pairs, digging holes, raising seedlings, cultivating soil, planting trees and planting green trees. Everyone was full of energy.At the same time, we also organized a number of volunteers to join houhua community “Sowing green, embracing spring” tree planting activity.After a morning of hard work, we completed the high quality of tree planting activities, hits the newly planted saplings stretch in the wind, for the surrounding environment to add a touch of new green.Shishi city maternal and child health care: spring planting green home recently, shishi city maternal and child health care league branch to carry out the “spring planting trees To build green home “activities, organization of party members, young volunteers to coastal thoroughfare to participate in tree planting activities, practice green development concept, protect the ecological environment, create beautiful” green “home, solidly carry out compulsory tree planting activities.Disclaimer: Copyright belongs to the original, reprint this article for the purpose of passing on more information.If there is a source marked wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact this network, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.