Go to the grass-roots level in Spring Festival! “Return to the regiment on leave” and hang the rank of private again

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Rednet moment reporter Long Qi correspondent Yang Xiaolong Hu Min Spring Festival eve, the reporter came to the armed police Zhuzhou detachment somewhere in the camp, suddenly was deeply attracted by the immediate scene: only a private rank of recruits are assisting the duty teacher training.”That comrade still is a recruit, how can guide other recruit to develop training?”The reporter asked curiously to the platoon leader.Classics understanding, so this “new recruit” be a comrade of 2 times enlist unexpectedly.Training gap, the reporter can’t wait to pull this “two times enlist” comrade chatted up, listen to his story.Xinjiang Aksu in the middle of winter, ha Qi into frost, dripping ice.In September 2018, the recruit, li Jingcheng, came from Chenzhou, Hunan Province, to a branch of the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps in Aksu, Xinjiang province, which is thousands of miles away.In the cold northern xinjiang, grew up in the “land of fish and rice” hunan boy suddenly feel “the whole person is not good”.Li Jing was on sentry duty.The bad feeling is not just from the climate.This is deeply affected by the military theme of movies and TV dramas, to the camp after 00 dream, not long into the camp felt “ideal is full, the reality is very skinny”;No cool weapons and equipment, do not see the stunt squad leader platoon leader, straight line plus square block of life, strict formal management, day after day on duty sentry, once shook his faith to join the army.First sentry on the eve of Spring Festival.Wrapped in a heavy military overcoat, he was still shivering.Winter snow is big, the next sentry walks all the way back to the dormitory, the person becomes one honour “snow model”.That evening, seeing that Li Was depressed, the squad leader on guard came back and whispered in his ear, “All our soldiers have two homes: home is home, and the squadron is home.After figuring this out, one can only miss home during the New Year.””Aren’t we staying so far away from home for the sake of our little home and our motherland?”Looking at the monitor’s honest smile, Li Capital’s mood suddenly good again.Facing the new environment, Li was still at a loss.He said, to see the side of the comrade-in-arms can stick to it, what are they afraid of?He tried to adjust his living habits and work schedule, and took the initiative to contact with his comrades, so that they could help each other in life and improve their training together.He soon became a brotherly friend to his comrades, and the intense homesickness he had once felt faded away.Two years later, li resigned from active duty in 2020 due to limited enrollment.Back at the place, the glacier iron horse often fell asleep.The desire for meritorious military camp, with the passage of time did not fade, but more and more intense.Often in the media to see the valiant valiant soldiers, Li Capital is always enthusiastic.After joining the army again, Li Jing was overjoyed.Driven by his ambition and pursuit, he enlisted in the army again in 2021.”I feel like RETURNING to the team after a long vacation.Before, I missed my family more in the army, but this time, I want to do a good job here and integrate into the squadron.”Look to the reporter, the head is not high li Capital look in the eyes is showing a firm.In the following chat, Li Talked with great interest about a special “family photo” some time ago.On the photo, hero Chen Hongjun’s smile in military uniform and now his wife and children’s smile together, let a person see after both tears and feel warm.”The hero with his own sacrifice and family, in exchange for the reunion of thousands of families, I just want to continue in the hot army camp to continue his dream.”Sonorous but also very simple words, in a 00 after the soldier body, let a person feel strength and sincerity.It was night. The sentry was ready to take his sentry. Li Jing was one of them.Looking at his smile to do the sentinel before the preparation, the reporter can not help but doubt asked him, other recruits sentry are serious face, demeanor nervous, how he is still more happy than usual?Li Jingcheng paused for a moment and blurted out, “I used to think that being a soldier meant suffering hardships. Now I always feel that what I am doing is my duty and what I should do. I feel very proud and honored to devote my time to protecting everyone’s safety and happiness.”Looking at his far back, the reporter couldn’t help but sigh in his heart, chose the army, is the choice of hardship and dedication.So, Li Jingcheng’s “second enlistment” is to once again listen to the call of the heart, firmly choose the dream and distance!Like Li Jingcheng such officers and men in the armed police Zhuzhou detachment there are many, many, many, they are in different positions and combat positions, with their own youth and action, practice their initial heart when joining the army, guard their hearts of “everyone” and “small family”.