Strictly grasp the “look back” coagulation force to start a new course

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In order to ensure that the village (community) “two committees” change “look back” work does not go through the motions do not make the form of February 10 my county held village (community) “two committees” change work “look back” push meeting county party committee standing Committee, organization minister, party school president Li Shulin government deputy county head Gao Qingshan township Party secretary county office related members attend the meetingWang Yongping, deputy minister of the organization Department of the county party committee, chaired the meeting, conveyed the party committee of the organization Department of the village (community) “two committees” work “look back” notice spirit, and on the township self-inspection self-correction, petition “zero”, create a good environment for the secretary to start a business, “look back” county supervision and other work to rearrange, redeploy.Gao Qingshan, deputy county head of the government, pointed out that the village (community) “two committees” work “look back” to speed up the pace of work, on the standard of the table, grasp grasp fine implementation;We need to make clear our primary responsibilities, take the initiative to take action, and promptly rectify problems identified by investigations.We will strictly enforce discipline in our work, strictly follow the deployment requirements, and ensure that we do not go through formalities and that problems remain hidden.County party committee standing committee, organization minister, party school president Li Shulin of each township village (community) “two committees” election work was affirmed, and on the village (community) “two committees” election work “look back” do important emphasis: one is to improve the political position, strengthen organizational leadership.Each township should carry out “look back” work as grasp the grassroots, lay a foundation of a key task, personally start, closely staring at the key link, to ensure that “look back” results;Second, we must pay close attention to the implementation of the work, compacting the responsibility.To consolidate the responsibilities of party committee members, package cadres to guide the orderly development of each area, to form a “look back” work closed loop, to do all the best;Third, we need to create a good environment for entrepreneurs to write the “second half” of the article.Each township should guide the members of the “two committees” of each village (community) to set term goals and annual goals, do a good job in “opening the door”, and stimulate the enthusiasm of the officers to start a business.Yong Yi forward continuous struggle welcome attention to Luliang Zhongyang group work anchor “four counties” goal to create “colorful” Zhongyang do not forget the original aspiration to keep in mind the mission