How to grasp young consumer groups from the “Local Chinese New Year”

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“I will not go back for the Spring Festival this year. I have booked a resort hotel. I plan to stay in Shanghai with my friends for the New Year’s Eve.”Mr. Feng, who works in Shanghai, told Midian that he decided to stay in Shanghai for the Spring Festival after discussing with his family because he needed to be quarantined when returning home due to the epidemic.The Spring Festival is supposed to be a time for family reunion, but due to the repeated epidemic, many places have issued books advocating the local Spring Festival.According to data released by the Ministry of Commerce, the number of people in 36 large and medium-sized cities in China this year will be more than 48 million more than in previous years.According to the “2022 Spring Festival Tourism Forecast Report” released by Ctrip, the search heat of hotel market in 2022 Spring Festival has surpassed that of the same period in 2021.Meanwhile, the proportion of customers under 30 years old during the Spring Festival in 2021 increased by 14 percent compared with 2019.With the iteration of consumption, the young generation Z, who are characterized by “daring to spend money”, begin to become the main force of the consumer market.So, what can hotels do to attract young people who spend the New Year there?What does the hotel rely on to attract young people who spend the New Year there?First, with “home flavor” to close the distance of the family as a symbol of reunion dinner, like the growth of the indicator, children repeatedly at the dinner table and parents emphasize that they have “grown up”.When I grow up, I will go to a distant place with my suitcase and then rely on my hometown dishes and New Year’s Eve dinner to overcome the loneliness of leaving home.The hotel can establish emotional links with the young people who are alone outside through the simple New Year’s Eve dinner, so as to pry the emotional switch of young people and release the temperature of the hotel from the emotional level.For example, Wanda Hotels and Resorts Seeking Jiuzhou launched a gift box of potted vegetables for New Year’s Eve dinner.With the New Year’s Eve dinner headed by the Spring Festival food to make up for young people’s regret in the New Year.Preparing prepared dishes for the Spring Festival has also become a trend among young people, who prefer to celebrate the Spring Festival locally.Take hangzhou Yellow Dragon Hotel’s New Year’s Eve dinner gift box as an example, customers only need to heat the dishes simply, they can taste the original star restaurant dishes. At present, the number of prepared dishes orders in various channels of Yellow Dragon Hotel has exceeded 2000 sets, and the overall sales volume is expected to increase 200% compared with last year.Statistics released by the Hornet’s Hornet show that due to epidemic prevention and safety factors, more and more young people are looking for local “New Year flavor” as a new goal for the Spring Festival. The search popularity of “New Year flavor experience” has increased by 40% in the past week and is on the rise.The hotel can hold folk experience activities such as writing “Fu” in Spring Festival couplets, paper-cutting and painting sugar paintings, so that the young people who celebrate the Spring Festival in place can get more sense of participation and achievement, so as to create emotional resonance among users.Take the Kerry Hotel Beijing as an example of its relaxed family vacation program.It includes one-stop experience of eating, living and playing, such as guest room check-in experience, traditional Beijing folk experience, family reunion dinner, traditional skills flash show and so on.Meria Hotel in Chongqing launched a Spring Festival market, where customers can participate in traditional folk activities such as making dumplings, writing Spring Festival couplets, painting sugar, making dough figures, making lanterns by hand, painting masks, handmade bags for the Year of the Tiger, etc., allowing young people staying in Chongqing to immerse themselves in the thick atmosphere of Chongqing New Year folk customs.A search for “hotel co-name” on yielded more than 10,000 punched-in notes.Hotels use IP co-signings to create social buzz and generate traffic to attract young consumers, which is still an effective method at present.For example, the Regent Hotel has launched a Limited edition afternoon tea with the theme of “The Tiger Rises to the East of the Forbidden City” in cooperation with the Regent Hotel.With auspicious, beautiful, reunion, health of the good meaning to add a thick festive atmosphere, attracted many young people to clock.How do hotels grasp the consumption trend of young people?”Hotel +X” has become a significant trend of travel and vacation consumption in the post-EPIDEMIC era.Hotel cross-border and major IP joint marketing, to help expand the target group of people’s market attention, compared to those who can only provide functional properties of the hotel product, the packaging of taste, emotion into the strong sense of products, can attract more generation Z users.Hilton, for example, joined hands with Xiaoguo Culture to stage an original talk show with the theme of “Beginning with Laughter” at the newly opened Conrad Hotel Shanghai to mark the start of Yinhu Spring Festival for guests.From the place, context, content and other multidimensional creation of content, for the young generation of Chinese consumers to send the beginning of the New Year laughter.The “blue Ocean” epidemic has accelerated the building of the “home economy” market, and many places advocate the “local Chinese New Year”, making prepared dishes become a popular choice when people dine together, and even the situation of demand exceeds supply.The National Development and Reform Commission issued the Notice on Promoting Consumption in the near future to encourage the holding of digital culture and tourism consumption experience activities, better meet the leisure consumption needs of the masses, and further promote the development of housing economy.Young consumers are developing a habit of consuming prepared dishes, with young people pursuing healthy cooking replacing takeout and frozen food with prepared dishes. According to Data from Hema, consumers born in 1995 buy twice as many prepared dishes as those born in 65.”Home economy” is increasingly becoming a way for hotels to pull down sales in the post-pandemic era.According to sina’s “Contemporary Youth Fashion Consumption Questionnaire”, 72% of respondents believe that the development prospects of “National tide” will be better and better in the future.This year’s Spring Festival, young people’s interest in Chinese New Year folklore continues to rise, the national tide atmosphere to come more strong.Under the background of “rising tide of the country” becoming the key word of the consumption trend, the hotel industry also began to test the tide of the country.Yuan Tuo Hotel, the national tide hotel brand in Jinjiang, has launched the exclusive New Year’s greeting expression package with the lion dancing image “Yuan Xiaotuo” as the prototype of Chinese traditional folk culture, linking the tradition and the present, and bringing the local cultural interest full of fashion sense to the public.※ The opinions expressed in this article are solely those of the author and not those of