How does advertisement learn professional obtain employment current situation?Is it worth registering for?

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Advertising professional advertising theory and skills, the broad cultural and scientific knowledge, can be in the news media, advertising, advertising department, market research and information consulting company, as well as enterprises and institutions engaged in advertising, advertising planning, designing and producing management, marketing planning and market survey analysis of advertising.1. Employment Status Analysis This study analyzes the employment status of advertising major based on the job information of advertisement design and advertisement planning in front-line areas released by market demand for advertising planning positions in front-line areas is relatively more, and the demand for advertising design positions is relatively less.Figure 1. Data sources of market demand for different positions:Zhaopin 2. This specialized subject education can meet the demand of most jobs, advertisement planning jobs for higher degree required in the job market is given priority to with bachelor degree, requires bachelor degree in post accounted for 52.28%, this specialized subject education demand accounted for up to 99.54%, almost can meet the demand of all jobs, master degree of demand is low.Figure 2. Data source: advertisement planning positions have relatively high requirements for education, requiring bachelor’s degree accounting for 58.39%, junior college degree or below accounting for 41.11%, and advertisement design positions require junior college degree or below accounting for 63.65%, with relatively low requirements for education.Figure 3. Distribution data of educational requirements of different positions source:Zhaopin 3. Advertising planning jobs, work experience, has been relatively high two types of jobs are given priority to with 1-3 years work experience requirements, advertisement planning jobs, more than 3 years working experience in demand accounted for the highest, at 46.89%, advertising design class jobs for more than 3 years working experience of 43.81%, the demand for jobs experience is relatively low.Figure 4. Experience requires a different distribution of data sources: zhaopin 4. An average salary is very close to both college degree and the following, the advertisement plan class average salary is higher than the advertising design class job, bachelor’s degree in advertising design jobs, the average salary is higher than the advertising planning class, both the average pay gap is very small.Figure 5. Salary data of different degrees source: Zhaopin.comTwo jobs this year gave birth to an average pay gap is bigger, 1 to 5 years working experience in advertising planning, average salary is slightly higher than the advertising design class, after more than five years working life, advertising design jobs, average salary is slightly higher than the advertisement plan, although under different working years, average salaries have two positions, but the overall gap is not large,Therefore, for students engaged in advertising industry related work in the future, choose two career directions.Figure 6. Salary data of different working experiences source: Zhaopin.comWithout the authorization of the copyright owner, it is forbidden to reprint and use, otherwise it will bear legal responsibility.Fill in the thick book when looking for information, it is easy to miss some good colleges and universities, excellent volunteer to share college entrance examination information, fill in the volunteer, university, major and other related information, to help you easily get calendar year analysis.