Dongan: ABC’s “love affair” activates revitalization momentum

2022-04-24 0 By

Yongzhou News Network (correspondent Liu Lianbo) On the afternoon of February 9th, the rural bank docking conference in the northern part of Dongan County was held here in the conference room on the seventh floor of the county administrative center, attracting many financial institutions, agricultural and forestry enterprises and large farmers to attend. The whole conference room was filled with seats and warm atmosphere.This is also the fourth consecutive ABC Fair held by Dong ‘an County to promote the precise docking of ABC and help rural enterprises to rescue and solve difficulties.Jiang Hua, deputy secretary of the county Party Committee and county head, li Yuehong, Liu Jie, Zhou Wen, Li Ruixia and other county leaders and responsible comrades of relevant departments of the county, and party secretaries of each township attended the meeting.”I do pig blood balls, sesame sugar and other agricultural and sideline products, the annual output value of about two million yuan, want to borrow 300,000 yuan for expansion, can the bank support?What are the entry requirements?”After listening to the introduction of the local agricultural industry by the party secretaries of six townships including Lumaqiao Town and Xinweijiang Town, the principals of enterprises and representatives of large farming households, such as Lumaqiao Town Guxiangyuan Food Co., LTD., Luhong Town Xinzhimei Family Farm, Dasheng Town Yijiang Village Liu Erjie Local specialty Shop, made speeches one after another.Ask financial institutions about the access conditions of credit products, support objects, loan limits, loan periods, etc.”Is in accordance with the loan terms, we also look at the enterprise’s credit record, operating conditions and steps of the bank details, please put your company name, contact information, such as specific needs to stay, we will contact you one by one and docking, as long as eligible, must try my best to help enterprise development, boost rural revitalization!”Leaders of financial institutions such as Dongan Sub-branch of Changsha Bank, Dongan Rural Commercial Bank of Dongxian County, Dongan Sub-branch of Bank of China and Huarong Xiangjiang Bank gave patient and meticulous replies to your questions.They believe that, before, the vast number of enterprises in the county do not understand the credit products of financial institutions, financial institutions do not understand the needs and operating conditions of various enterprises.Through these face-to-face exchanges, information sharing and precise docking were effectively promoted, thus contributing to the ‘love affair’ of ABC bank and laying a foundation for activating the new driving force of rural revitalization!”Jiang hua stressed that the county for four consecutive precise docking of ABC, is to solve the information asymmetry between enterprises and financial institutions, timely support and other bottlenecks and problems.The credit products of financial institutions should pay attention to close to the actual situation of enterprises, pay attention to industry cultivation and service, especially county rural commercial Bank, Xinglong village bank and other local cultivation and growth banks, but also on the premise of controlling risks, innovate financial products, improve financial services, enhance competitive strength;All enterprises should pay attention to the integrity of business and their own development, establish a win-win concept, and effectively improve the strength of the enterprise;All levels and departments should also focus on practical results, make every effort to promote the exchanges and cooperation between the TWO sides in a wider range and at a higher level, help the implementation of the cooperation between the TWO sides, and strive to open up a new development path in which banks and enterprises complement each other and achieve mutual benefit.