An elite petition calling for the cancellation of health passes in the Netherlands has gained support as the country slowly recovers from the epidemic

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The Netherlands reported 80,946 new infections today.In the past week, there were 573,910 cases, with a daily average of 81,1987.The number of COVID-19 patients in hospitals decreased slightly, with a total of 1,344 hospitalized, including 211 in intensive care.Mona Keijzer, former state secretary of the CDA of the Dutch Christian Democratic Union (CDA), and others launched a petition calling for the immediate abolition of the COVID-19 health pass CTB, which has received more than 400,000 signatures in two days.The appeal for Mr Rutte’s cabinet went online on Friday and by 11pm on Saturday had exceeded 300,000, so much so that the website was sometimes jammed on Sunday.The petition sets out a manifesto under the slogan “OnverdeeldOpen” (open without discrimination).Among them, a broad coalition of prominent figures advocates reopening society without a health pass.”Since it is clear that this coronavirus will also become endemic, epidemic passes should not have a place in the toolbox of liberal democracy,” they said.We call on the government and parliament to abolish this pandemic pass immediately.”Its authors include former politicians, doctors, lawyers, entrepreneurs and scientists.Ms Kaiser, the former secretary of state for Economic affairs, was sacked last year with immediate effect after the cabinet opposed the introduction of health passes.Police in Rotterdam demonstrate for welfare, tens of thousands protest COVID-19 measures the Netherlands is a kingdom of demonstrations.In Rotterdam, the Netherlands, police took action today over the lack of a collective labor agreement. Police unions ACP, NPB, ANPV and Equipe organized a protest march.But there were also demonstrations today against the government’s measures.At about 12.30 noon, Rotterdam police began a demonstration through the city, led by police cars and accompanied on foot by members of the SWAT team.Demonstrators protesting against the measures are expected to march through the city at around 1pm.Organizers are expecting 15,000 participants.A spokesman for the Rotterdam city government said on Friday that he was confident that the police union and participants in the police protest would pay close attention to public order and the safety of those participating in the demonstration.The police are critical of the cabinet’s approach to the collective bargaining agreement.On Friday, the police union met with representatives of the Dutch cabinet and Justice Minister Jerzy Yesi Gergz to discuss revenue, police force, safety and training, though the two sides did not appear to reach agreement.Police have staged small protests of varying degrees in recent days.Despite stormy weather, thousands of demonstrators have gathered in Rotterdam’s Binnenrotte to protest against the government’s coronavirus measures.Police stopped work for four hours during the protest, but dozens of officers were still on hand to “maintain order and supervise”.The city government initially expected 15,000 people to take part in the protest demonstration, but the number was significantly reduced due to bad weather.However, the atmosphere of the demonstration was quite relaxed, with participants holding umbrellas.Beforehand, participants are asked to dress warmly and be aware of strong winds as they cross the Willemsbrug and Erasmusbrug Bridges.The protest was organized by the activist group Nederlandin Verzet, which has also organized demonstrations in Amsterdam and elsewhere against the government’s coronavirus policies.The protest was approved because the city government, the prosecution department and the police felt that public order could be adequately guaranteed.Police were also deployed at 12.15pm for the Dutch Group A football match at the Rotterdam stadium Kuip.At the stadium, 16,000 spectators attended a match between two Rotterdam teams, which was reduced to a third of capacity due to pandemic rules.