What customs do you have on New Year’s Eve?

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New Year’s Eve, we usually said as the New Year’s Eve, the last day before the New Year, containing the old to the second evening and divided, tomorrow is another New Year’s meaning, after this day we will officially enter the lunar New Year.So, what should we do on New Year’s Eve?I got up very early this morning, washed up according to the normal pace of life, and prepared to make breakfast.When I opened the refrigerator, I saw that there was no other food except meat, so I went to buy a morning while I was exercising in the morning.New Year’s Eve has all come home for the Spring Festival, and the morning shops are closed.Usually this time the breakfast shop is busy, today ran 2 kilometers unexpectedly no one opened.Ran to the wet market to see a cart stall selling thousand-layer cakes, there is a selling porridge next to.I have no choice but to eat some of this.The day before yesterday, the little sister of the sales department asked me to take Spring Festival couplets, I was actually busy and forgot.Call back yesterday to say that the Spring Festival couplets have been over.Call home in the evening and ask your parents if there are any extra Spring Festival couplets?My mom said she had extra, and I should go get it.But I can’t go back at night, stick couplets can’t be too late, in the New Year’s Eve before 12 o ‘clock to stick.I went to buy two big fu early today and posted it on the door.Wish you a prosperous and prosperous year and all the best!Eat breakfast pasted Spring Festival couplets began to clean the home, the home of no use all cleared away.Unused items that take up space and time are thrown into the trash.I cleaned everything from the kitchen to the bathroom to the bedroom, the study and the balcony.To be honest, I haven’t done much cleaning this year. My wife has.This year, I will help my wife do some housework.Household chores should also be shared.8 o ‘clock more than to go out to fuel the car, I estimate that the car today must be a lot of people, so I rushed to the past early, sure enough, a lot of people in line to wash the car, their car is usually rarely open.So the car needs to be cleaned.I have been buying a car for 6 years. When I first bought a car, I liked it. Now I am not particularly interested in cars.In the future, if we change cars again, we will not choose too expensive cars. Rational consumption is a thinking that everyone should learn in the future.I have to wait another hour or so for the family reunion dinner at 12 p.m.The county is 15 minutes’ drive from my hometown. No matter in the north or the south, the New Year’s Eve dinner is a must.Throughout the year, we want to have a happy meal with our family and feel at home.In the afternoon, I walked around my hometown and talked with my friends about the changes in my hometown.Usually are busy outside their careers, rare Spring Festival home together.Spend more time with your family. Spend more time with the friends you grew up with.Year after year is just too fast.I used to stay up until 3 o ‘clock in the morning or even stay up all night.After 12 o ‘clock in the morning began to set off firecrackers, at that time the whole village is particularly lively, now feel a lot less atmosphere.Evening free friends to accompany their elders to watch a Spring Festival Gala is also good lucky money is issued by the elders to the younger generation.After the New Year’s Eve dinner, everyone sat at the table and was not allowed to walk. When everyone had finished eating, they were issued by the elders to the younger generation.When we were children, we were looking forward to the stars and the moon, in order to get lucky money.Now grow up without New Year’s money, but can give children a New Year’s money.It’s one of the joys of childhood.Now fireworks are banned for the sake of environmental protection, so the fun is much less.Before New Year’s greetings are mobile phone calls and text messages, now wechat voice and video New Year’s greetings are more and more popular.We should send more blessings in the New Year. This morning, I sent a group of blessings to my two friends on wechat. There were more than 5,200 people in one wechat and more than 1700 people in the other.What customs do you have on New Year’s Eve? Welcome to discuss and exchange in the comments section