“The company is full of liars except me!”The cashier was cheated of 1.86 million yuan

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False executives working group of false “boss, colleagues are from within the group of” actors “take turns playing a brought to account a” fool “jingzhou to cooperation customers transfer payment may be cashier cashier and that he would one day be cheated 1.86 million incident 01 into group of transfer it from the top 1.86 million of consciousness were tricked into alarm at about 5 PM on January 25,The enterprise cashier Zhang hurried to yaowan police station to report to the police, said he was defrauded 1.86 million yuan.Police investigation learned that the same day at 4 PM, Zhang’s QQ received the company’s general manager CAI invited it to join a group of mail.After entering the group, Zhang found that there are a number of senior companies in the group.At this time, “CAI” message, zhang mou to a cooperative customer transfer 1.86 million yuan for goods, and to a public account, Zhang do, two points transfer 1.86 million yuan.”My mobile phone just received a short message, the company account less 1.86 million, what to do with?”Zhang just transferred accounts, received a phone call from CAI.CAI mou said he did not invite Zhang mou into the group, but did not ask its online transfer to customers.Zhang immediately called the police after realizing he had been cheated.02 police emergency stop payment of more than 510,000 YUAN The police quickly started the emergency stop payment procedure of telecom fraud, and applied for freezing of more than 510,000 yuan in the first-level official account suspected of fraud.At the same time, the police will report the situation, the leadership of the branch attaches great importance to the case, immediately ordered the combined operation center, Yaowan police station to jointly form a special team to investigate the case.Special class police through the transfer of bank card number and other information, lock the suspect Xie mou identity information, Guangxi Wuzhou people, a company legal person, so its online pursuit.Because the card was frozen, Xie to guangxi Wuzhou a bank consultation was captured by the local police, special class police rushed to Guangxi escorted back to Jingzhou.After trial, Xie mou account fraud gang to help its set up a company, specifically used for telecom fraud.On that day, he arranged in the fraud gang under the supervision of two nurses, will be stolen money to other accounts, but there are 516,000 yuan has not yet transferred to be frozen, “they promised me to give me 50,000 yuan after the……”03 criminal gang 4 people were arrested “after work, we will help Xie in Guangxi Wuzhou agent company business license to take benefits liao captured, in Zhejiang Yiwu will care staff Liu, Wang captured.Police introduced, Liu, Wang in Myanmar specializing in electric fraud by friends invited, full-time care xie transfer of stolen money, daily pay up to 350 yuan.At present, the above 4 people are suspected of helping the crime of credit network crime has been taken compulsory measures according to law, the case is still in further handling.”Thanks to the police comrade day and night, not afraid of difficulties to investigate the case, for the enterprise to recover losses!”Recently, the person in charge of an enterprise in Jingzhou Development Zone came to the public security sub-bureau of the development zone, and sent a thank-you letter and a banner printed with the words “Solve difficult cases quickly for the enterprise” to the synthetic combat police, expressing gratitude to the police for escorting the development of the enterprise with practical actions.Liar routine is deep than the sea let’s analyze their routines left left left the first step Disguise the swindlers camouflage executives of the company’s financial in false in your community, group had secretly arranged to have a good fake company boss and colleagues, they also can chat in the group of pretend to be, head of the company, build the atmosphere to obtain financial personnel to trust.The second step is transfer fraudsters posing as the head of the company require financial staff to remit money to designated bank accounts in various names.The police remind us: the reason why such cases happen many times, on the one hand, part of the public’s awareness of prevention is not strong;On the other hand, some enterprises’ financial system is not sound, or the implementation of the system is lax to cheater has a chance.Financial personnel in QQ, wechat and other platforms to receive leadership remittance instructions must stay more careful, need to the party to verify or personally call to confirm, do not blindly transfer money, so as not to be deceived.In addition, companies should try to use corporate accounts for transfer and remittance. The time limit of corporate accounts in most banks is T+1 mode, which can greatly increase the probability of police interception.Please spread and forward to improve prevention awareness!Jingcai news comprehensive source: Guangming network comprehensive Jingzhou Daily