Lexus global sales rose 6 per cent as the gap between China and the US widened

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Lexus, a luxury brand, grew in 2021 despite the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and parts shortages.Lexus recently released the latest official data showing that the global cumulative sales volume in 2021 was 7600,012 units, up 6% year on year.From the major market performance, Lexus achieved growth in a number of markets around the world.North America is Lexus’ largest market, with cumulative sales of 332,000 units in 2021, up 12% from the same period last year, and also the fastest growing market for Lexus.In its home market, Lexus sold just 51,000 vehicles for the year, up 4 per cent from a year earlier.In Europe and the Middle East, Lexus sold 72,000 and 30,000 vehicles respectively, with East Asia the only market to see a decline, down 5 per cent.Lexus also saw growth in China, though not as much as in North America.Lexus’s cumulative sales in China reached 227,000 units in 2021, up 1% year on year, data showed.Lexus sold 38,000 units in China in the fourth quarter of 2021, down 34% from the previous quarter and 48% from the same period last year, indicating that lexus was heavily affected by the chip shortage in the fourth quarter.In The Chinese market, Cadillac has overtaken Lexus to become the traditional second-line luxury brand sales champion.Cadillac overtook Lexus in 2021, rising 2.5% to 233,000 vehicles, ranking sixth.Specific models, Cadillac CT5 insurance 62,000, XT5 insurance 52,000, XT4 insurance 49,000.As for Lexus, it lost 219,000 cars in China this year, down 6.8% from a year earlier and down three places from 2020.In terms of specific models, Lexus ES saw a 7.8% year-on-year decline in risk, Lexus RX saw a 2% year-on-year decline, and Lexus NX sales fell 10%.However, although Lexus was outsold by Cadillac, as an imported brand, lexus had an average transaction price of 419,000 yuan, while Cadillac had an average transaction price of 285,000 yuan, the lowest among luxury brands.Although affected by the epidemic, shortage of spare parts, lexus still growth in 2021, the same also is pretty good, but for now the future plans for the development of the new energy vehicles, Toyota motor corp. held a conference in December 2021, relief published 16 pure electric models, publicize Toyota and lexus will enter pure camp.In its press release, Lexus said it would roll out electric vehicles in all market segments by 2030, go all-electric in Europe, North America and China by 2030, and eliminate fuel systems altogether by 2035.Toyota and Lexus plan to sell 3.5m electric vehicles, both pure and fuel cell, by 2030 and have increased investment in battery development from Y500bn to Y2tn.Although RZ is not the first pure electric lexus product, but RZ is the first pure electric Lexus, its importance is self-evident.According to the recent exposure of Lexus RZ appearance, the front face of the new car still retains lexus classic spindle shape, the front surrounded on both sides of the use of bright black painting.In addition, the headlamp group used a sharp modeling design, internal equipped with “on hook type” LED daytime running lights, the overall line of the head to create a nose cone design, details with extremely aggressive.On the side of the body, the new car uses hidden B, C and D pillars to create a suspended roof.In addition, the new car uses a double waist line design, the front waist line from the front wing to extend to the middle of the body, with the front door under the rib line, creating a dynamic effect.In the rear part of the car, the new car will adopt a penetrating LED lamp group, and a roof spoiler and a duck tail spoiler in the trunk. The design of double spoiler also brings a very dynamic visual effect to the new car.KojiSato, president of lexus, said: “lexus will continue to bring the design aesthetics and driving pleasure of lexus to consumers in 2022. We will also accelerate the development of all-electric models. The first new energy and all-electric RZ will be available in the second quarter of 2022.”Lexus will continue to introduce more pure electric models to cater to consumers’ different daily needs.”Autobots platform to share valuable automotive news every day