Haida Group: Accelerate the realization of “ten billion” target

2022-04-23 0 By

Dear friends from all walks of life, partners and colleagues of Haida Group, Happy New Year to you all!2021 will be an extraordinary, challenging and productive year.In the face of repeated outbreaks, social and economic instability and uncertainty at home and abroad, as well as the challenge of raw materials, the sea freight prices, haida group adhere to the party leading, focus on quality and benefit, for the advanced industry, with quality brand benefit as the main line, based on different development paths, powered by innovation, unswervingly implement the new development concept,We will coordinate high-quality development of enterprises.This year, under the strong leadership of Wuliangye Group, all the cadres and staff worked hard and united, the company completed all the reform and development tasks, and achieved a good start of the “14th Five-year Plan”.On behalf of Haida Group, I would like to express our heartfelt thanks to all of you for the great achievements haida Group has made.When the wind is in, sail the waves;There is a long way to go.In 2022 the first year is “second venture” haida group, both opportunities and challenges, hope with difficulties, we should face difficulties, and firm confidence, closely around the “extension market, increasing benefits casting quality and development,” business theme, insist on “customer first, the pursuit of excellence, people-oriented, long-term interests” of the enterprise core values and make full of vigour, Benedict is not idle,Cultivate new machine, open new bureau, spectrum new chapter!In the New Year, Haida Group will work together with friends from all walks of life, partners and colleagues to achieve further brilliance and strive to achieve the goal of “ten billion Haida”.Taurus out of the cold wind, jade tiger spring beaming.On the occasion of the Spring Festival, I wish you all a happy New Year!Good health!Happy family!All the best!